An Agreement between Ernest Le Sueur, States Greffier on behalf of the Committee of Piers and Harbours and Francis Hawksford, Procureur of Francis William Lowther and Herbert Whitaker, proprietors of the Jersey Railway. The Agreement is for the renewal of the lease for nine years for the plot of land and buildings on Albert Pier. The lease is for one hundred pounds sterling annually and starts from 25th December 1892.

Reference: D/AP/AB/19

Date: April 7th 1893 - April 7th 1893

Letter from F Hawksford the Procureur addressed to the President of the Committee of Piers and Harbours. The letter is requesting an extension of the lease of land at St Helier's Railway Station. A mention is made of the States requisitioning of land for the new Slaughter House.

Reference: D/AP/AB/23

Date: October 26th 1892 - October 26th 1892

Letter from F Hawksford the Procureur addressed to the States Greffier acknowledging the receipt of a letter with reference to the lease of land and buildings

Reference: D/AP/AB/24

Date: November 1st 1982 - November 1st 1982

Volume of Annual Returns from individual island schools. The names of theattending children are recorded along with attendance summaries, inspectors reports, accounts, examination results and the names of teachers and pupil teachers. This volume has been indexed by name of person mentioned. The volume can be viewed at the Archive to access extra detail.

Reference: D/J/A/14

Date: 1889 - 1889

Testament of Edward Flower of St Helier, Gentleman. Dated 20/10/1881. Also includes Papers relating to the appointment of Francis Hawksford as executor of the Testament of Edward Flower.

Reference: D/Y/A/42/44

Date: December 27th 1881 - December 27th 1881

Will and Testament of Francis Hawksford, Clifton, St Saviour, gentleman. Dated 19 August 1889.

Reference: D/Y/A/63/32

Date: April 11th 1904 - April 11th 1904

Volume containing Letters of Administration for individuals who have died intestate. Indexed by name of deceased and name of appointed administrator.

Reference: D/Y/A2/1

Date: October 19th 1848 - May 26th 1906

Depositions [witness statements] in the case of Pierre Philippe Guiton, Edward Lionel Mourant, Charlotte Ida Davey, wife of Edward Lionel Mourant against Francis Hawksford, William West, Albina Ingouville Davey, Rowena Maude Wormald, Alice Grace Wormald, Anabel Louisa Wormald, John Daniel Bauche, Margaret Jane Monk and Caroline Patterson. Statements are from Thomas Philip Hamon, Mary Ann Lawford, wife of John Philip Nicolle, Philippe Le Marinel, Esther Gaudin, widow of Edouard Filleul, Edouard Filleul, John Fauvel, George de Rue, Philippe Ahier, Daniel Le Rougetel, Jane Marett, widow of Daniel Le Rougetel, Marie (Arsène?) Guénier, widow of Houellebecq, Florence de Quetteville, Augustine de la Hougue, wife of François l'Hermitte, Révérend Daniel Matthieu Lemprière, Alice Maria Marett, wife of Thomas Marett, John Huelin, John Crill, John Helier Lawler, Martha Tarr, wife of William Gaudin, Elizabeth Marie, Jacques Godfray, Jane Le Rougetel, wife of Philippe George Valpy, Nicolas Allain, Lêonora de la Taste, Philippe Le Neveu, Elizabeth Marett, wife of Nicolas Arthur, Isabelle de la Taste, widow of James Henry de la Taste, Mary Le Masurier, Richard John Baker, Andrew Dunlop, Elise de la Taste, John Amy, Clément Kendra, James Cornish Junior, John Philip Cornish, William Henry Sutcliffe, Mary Eleanor Sutcliffe, Anne Renouf, widow of Ozouf, Esther Elizabeth Brée, wife of James Cornish, William Charles Gray, John McDonald, John Gray, Alfred Jesse and Walter Filleul Romeril.

Reference: D/Y/G3/27

Date: February 4th 1890 - June 6th 1890

Depositions (witness statements) in the case of Edward Binet Renouf against Charlett Ireland Winifred McGee accused of forgery. Statements are from Pierre Philippe Guiton, James Thomson, Alfred Ernest Hind, Annie Mary Augusta Develin, wife of Thomas Le Geyt Curry, Emma Maud Mary Freeman, Thomas John de Gruchy, John Brocq Le Maistre, Peter John Sohier, Thomas Henry Gurrin, John Edwin Pinel, Thomas Le Geyt Curry, Walter Falla, Marion McLachlan, Elizabeth de la Mare, Walter Filleul Romeril, Cyril Vyvyan Hawksford, Francis Hawksford, Francis Alice Warlow, wife of John Inglis, Annie Le Breton, wife of Tom Pallot and George Samuel Tostevin.

Reference: D/Y/G3/67

Date: October 11th 1900 - October 29th 1900

Copy of a Bail et Vente between William Henry Venables Vernon Esquire Procureur General of the Queen and Edouard Mourant Esquire Procureur General of the revenues of the Queen of the first party and Francis Hawksford Gentleman attorney of Francis William Lowther and Herbert Ulston Whitaker Esquire of the second party. Records the sale from 1 to 2 of; 1) Land forming part of the Prévôté of the Fief de sa Majeste [Fief du Roi], St Brelade bordered on the north and south by the Commune de la Moie [La Moye Common], to the east by land which belongs to 2 under the name of 'The St Aubins and La Moie Railway and Granite Quarries Company' and to the west La Rocque aux Vies belonging to the same company. 2) Land in the Petit Marais de la Moie bordered on the South by the Road that leads to La Pulente. 3) Land on the other side of the road that serves the Railway Station. 4) Land in the Grand Marais de la Moie. All the above land is situated in on the Commune de la Moie, St Brelades in the Fief du Roi. - for the sum of £200 sterling. Registered: Book 313 folio 71

Reference: D/Z/G/B/37

Date: January 13th 1894 - January 13th 1894

Police Incident Book for St Saviour - entry for Francis Hawksford, for owning a dangerous dog

Reference: F/L/G3/2/180

Date: October 5th 1886

Sinnatt and Sons Funeral Directors Account Ledger [Indexed] Includes name, age and place of death of deceased as well as date of burial and details of the funeral expenses and payment. To find the name you are interested in please look at the index and then open the pdf with the relevant page number.

Reference: L/A/41/A1/15

Date: October 17th 1903 - January 14th 1907

Assignation de Rente between Moses Gibaut, Francis Hawksford and William George Aubin procureurs of Clement de Carteret who is the soul heir of Elie de Carteret after repudiation of the other heirs of the first party Rachel Marie Le Gros wife of Philippe Amy her authorisee of the second party. Recites that 1 owes 2 the sum of 7 cabots 5 sixtonniers of wheat annually, records the payment of the same sum of rente to repay the debt. Registered Livre 261 folio 267

Reference: L/C/112/K8/9

Date: January 29th 1876 - January 29th 1876

Bail et Vente between Francis Hawksford procureur [by procuration passed at Nice in France] of Alexander Henry Westaway son of Jean Nathaniel of the first party and Elias Durell son of William of the second party. Records the sale from 1 to 2 of a certain piece of land with properties to be constructed numbered 33 and 35 Poonah Road for a consideration of £225 and the payment of all Seigneurial rights due on the land. Registered Livre 323 folio 36

Reference: L/C/207/A3/196

Date: May 29th 1897 - May 29th 1897

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