Invitation to Jersey - Accommodation advertising brochure - advertisement for the Idlerocks Hotel and Jubilee Hotel

Reference: D/AS/C/1/81

Date: 1964 - 1964

Invitation to Jersey - accommodation advertising brochure

Reference: D/AS/C/5

Date: 1972 - 1972

Accommodation File 1167 - Idlerocks Hotel

Reference: D/AS/W1/1167

Date: March 14th 1962 - December 31st 1996

Will and Testament of Barbara Wood, widow of Ernest McKenzie-Smith, of No 6, Midland Farm, St Lawrence and formerly of Idlerocks Hotel, Bonne Nuit Bay, St John. Dated 28/03/1978 [Includes two closed documents]

Reference: D/Y/B1/300/18

Date: May 16th 1979 - May 16th 1979

Jersey Evening Post Newspaper article : ' What's Your Street's Story' Bonne Nuit Bay

Reference: US/1558

Date: November 15th 2017

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