Jersey Evening Post photographer Tony Pike at Vinchelez de Haut Manor taking photographs of the Jersey Drag Hunt's traditional Boxing Day hunt.

Reference: p/03/695/13

Date: December 26th 2000 - December 26th 2000

Mr Damer Waddington using microfiche of the Jersey Evening Post, 1997 for research, at the Jersey Library.

Reference: P/03/B21/12

Date: June 3rd 2000 - June 3rd 2000

Mr Damer Waddington using microfiche of the Jersey Evening Post, 1997 for research, at the Jersey Library.

Reference: P/03/B21/13

Date: May 3rd 2000 - May 3rd 2000

Mr Damer Waddington using microfiche of the Jersey Evening Post, 1997 for research, at the Jersey Library.

Reference: P/03/B21/14

Date: June 3rd 2000 - June 3rd 2000

Minden Base Cyber Cafe with Francis Le Gresley, Chief of Management Committee and Kate Amy, Manager

Reference: P/03/C/1

Date: January 10th 2000 - January 10th 2000

South African ex-policeman Philip Halford outside Sand Street Car Park, where he wrestled an escaped prisoner to the ground

Reference: P/03/C/10

Date: January 5th 2000 - January 5th 2000

Police Officer Andy Le Cornu at Police Head Quarters with a set of stolen tools

Reference: P/03/C/12

Date: January 6th 2000 - January 6th 2000

Constable of St Helier, Bob Le Brocq and Jersey Cycling Group Spokesman Geraint Jennings at West Centre with one of a series of new bicycle racks around St Helier

Reference: P/03/C/13

Date: February 17th 2000 - February 17th 2000

Jersey Chef's Circle team returning from the British Open Cookery Championships with medals and certificates, left to right; Paul Wells (President), David Inwood (Team Captain), Desmond Dunne (Team Manager), Sean Scarsbrook, Simon Boyle, Rene Llupar (kneeling), Sandra Mullaine and William Carruthers. (Copyright - Jersey Evening Post)

Reference: P/03/C/15

Date: February 16th 2000 - February 16th 2000

Four of the ten Polish workers who are working in Nigel Vibert's tomato glasshouses at Samarès Nursery; Grzegorz Ruda, Andrzej Bieniek, Katherine Koziol, and Bernadette Bukowa. The four are part of a party of 30 Polish workers who arrived in Jersey on a 6 month contract organised by the Jersey Farmers Union.

Reference: P/03/C/16

Date: February 9th 2000 - February 9th 2000

The 5,000th member of the Société Jersiaise, Ted Goddard and Simone Goddard his wife, with the Lieutenant Governor, General Sir Michael Wilkes at the Société Jersiaise Headquarters, 7, Pier Road, St Helier

Reference: P/03/C/17

Date: February 15th 2000 - February 15th 2000

Sarah Corcoran on her way to victory in the Jersey Spartan cross-country championships

Reference: P/03/C/18

Date: February 21st 2000 - February 21st 2000

Emile Rehel beach fishing from St Brelade's Bay

Reference: P/03/C/2

Date: January 10th 2000 - January 10th 2000

Agriculture president Senator Jean Le Maistre pictured at L'Etacq next to some potato fields/côtils. Senator Le Maistre had attended a meeting organised by the Jersey Farmers Union concerning a grant for Jersey growers, approved by the Finance and Economics Committee

Reference: P/03/C/20

Date: February 21st 2000 - February 21st 2000

Bob Arthur of Le Hocq celebrating his 80th birthday, which is actually his 20th in leap years, by walking to every parish church in the Island. He started at the Town Church at 8am and was due to arrive back there at 5pm. Mr Arthur is pictured halfway through his journey as he strides towards St John's Parish Church at lunchtime.

Reference: P/03/C/21

Date: February 29th 2000 - February 29th 2000

Walter (Andy) Andrews of La Haule Residential Home, born near London's Oxford Circus, celebrating his 100th birthday. Mr Andrews earned his wings while serving with the Royal Flying Corps in the First World War.

Reference: P/03/C/22

Date: February 3rd 2000 - February 3rd 2000

The Mayor of London, Alderman Clive Martin, who is chairman of his families printing company, visiting the Five Oaks offices of the Jersey Evening Post. Alderman Martin is pictured being given a demonstration of the newspaper's electronic archive by deputy editor Rob Shipley, watched by Sir Michael Wilkes, Lieutenant Governor, and (left to right), editor Chris Bright, production manger Andrew Colter, managing director Jerry Ramsden, and Guiton Group chief executive John Averty.

Reference: P/03/C/23

Date: February 25th 2000 - February 25th 2000

Adrian Fire in the ring with The American Patriot and Klondyke Kate in the World Wrestling Federations' tribute at the Royal Hotel, David Place

Reference: P/03/C/24

Date: January 31st 2000 - January 31st 2000

Lifeboat crew members Lloyd Banks, Andy Eeles and Paul Richardson, pictured after rescuing a stricken 34 ft yacht, the Fantasia, which was drifting in rough seas of the Ecréhous - the call out lasted 1½ days

Reference: P/03/C/25

Date: March 4th 2000 - March 4th 2000

Sue Guenier with the cash which has been paid into the bank for the Mozambique Flood Appeal

Reference: P/03/C/26

Date: March 6th 2000 - March 6th 2000

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