Iain Mackenzie and Paul Sowney giving Carlos Costa of Estrela Travel, St Saviour's Road a Benfica football team top for the company's help in the Benfica and Jersey under 19's football tournament in 1999

Reference: P/03/C/27

Date: February 29th 2000 - February 29th 2000

Kevin Leech, Jersey's first billionarie, according to the Sunday Times. Mr Leech is the equal 17th richest person in Britain, worth £1.2 billion

Reference: P/03/C/29

Date: March 18th 2000 - March 18th 2000

Charles Le Couteur clearing trees from his meadow at Westlands, St Brelade

Reference: P/03/C/3

Date: January 10th 2000 - January 10th 2000

Eric Selbie working on the refurbishment of the Opera House in Gloucester Street

Reference: P/03/C/30

Date: March 13th 2000 - March 13th 2000

John Edwards, who is visiting Jersey at the invitation of the Jersey Elim Pentecostal Church, as part of a world walk to raise awareness of addiction and teach Christians how they can help people with similar problems

Reference: P/03/C/31

Date: March 11th 2000 - March 11th 2000

Catherine Burke, Senior Archivist, Jersey Heritage Trust, collecting first world war sea travel permits found in the basement of Jersey Tourism, Liberation Square, St Helier

Reference: P/03/C/33

Date: March 13th 2000 - March 13th 2000

DJ Mike Jones on the roof at Fort Regent, overlooking the Weighbridge area, on the night of the all night party at Fort Regent

Reference: P/03/C/34

Date: February 29th 2000 - February 29th 2000

Spring Equinox at La Hougue Bie

Reference: P/03/C/35

Date: February 29th 2000 - February 29th 2000

Ronald Kean with his car, having received three parking tickets in a week for parking on a yellow line which has appeared outside his garage behind the Goose on the Green Public House

Reference: P/03/C/36

Date: March 23rd 2000 - March 23rd 2000

Artist John Allinson putting the finishing touches to a large mural at Beau Couperon for the hotelier Andrew Barnes

Reference: P/03/C/37

Date: March 23rd 2000 - March 23rd 2000

Jersey Farmers Union potato chairman Nick Vautier (right) and Jersey Farmers Union Farmer of the year Carlton Le Feuvre (second from right) help to dig the first potatoes of the year at La Hougue Farm - this picture accompanied a story in the Jersey Evening Post concerning the price of Jersey Royal Potatoes

Reference: P/03/C/38

Date: March 27th 2000 - March 27th 2000

The 50th anniversary of the St Martin's Division of St John's Ambulance, Sarah Gavey, Beatrice Le Hucquet (97 years old) and Tim Gavey

Reference: P/03/C/4

Date: January 28th 2000 - January 28th 2000

Holidaymaker Audrey Dickinson at the Jersey Museum's Time Zone exhibition

Reference: P/03/C/40

Date: March 28th 2000 - March 28th 2000

Head sommelier at Longueville Manor, Mathieu Roche, winner of the Ruinart Champagne and Bergerac Wine Cellar 'Wine Waiter of the Year Competition'

Reference: P/03/C/41

Date: March 29th 2000 - March 29th 2000

AC Mauger site foreman Gerry Thomson inspects £500 worth of damage caused by vandals when they broke into the Belle Vue building site, St Brelade, between 4:30pm on Thursday and 8:30am on Friday, and started fires in a portakabin and flat. They also broke into the site café and stole cigarettes and sweets worth £70.

Reference: P/03/C/42

Date: April 3rd 2000 - April 3rd 2000

Brian White's Magna Jazz Band taking advantage of the sun to give an impromptu show in town. The band are part of the Jersey Jazz Festival

Reference: P/03/C/43

Date: April 6th 2000 - April 6th 2000

Ann Campion and "Maestro" appearing before the Jersey branch of the Association for Family Therapy. "Maestro" and his colleagues assist Mrs Campion in child therapy

Reference: P/03/C/44

Date: April 8th 2000 - April 8th 2000

The first visitor to book a holiday on Jersey Tourism's website, Rob Jenner, and his girlfriend Mandy Scott, at St Aubin's Harbour

Reference: P/03/C/45

Date: April 7th 2000 - April 7th 2000

Marcus Bisson and Nick Allison before travelling to Le Mans, hoping to qualify for the 24 hour motorcycle race.

Reference: P/03/C/46

Date: April 10th 2000 - April 10th 2000

The 167ft navigational masts at Les Platons, St John, coming down after being made redundant by the modern global positioning satellite system. Rob Mogie and David Bunch of RJC UK work on one of the poles.

Reference: P/03/C/47

Date: April 15th 2000 - April 15th 2000

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