Messages of congratulations from Channel Island Societies around the world. Includes; Channel Islands Refugees Committee, London, the Jersey Society in London, Channel Islanders in Tanganyika, and the following Channel Island Societies; Bath , B.L.A. - Brussels, Cardiff and District, Exeter and District, Guildford and District, India, Isle of Wight, Leicester and District, Manchester and District, New South Wales, Oxford, Penzance and District, Poole and District, Portsmouth and District, Rochdale and District, Swansea and District, Vancouver, and Victoria

Reference: B/A/L1/1

Date: May 10th 1945 - April 26th 1946

Correspondence file Jersey Society in London

Reference: B/D/A/J24

Date: 2003 - 2004

The Bulletin of the Jersey Society in London, Issue 6/5, September 1998, featuring an article about Jersey's Roadside Heritage.

Reference: D/W/M7/2

Date: 1998-09 - 1998-09

Testament of Emmeline Augusta Barreau, 51 La Motte Street, St Helier. Dated 9 March 1922. Bequeaths to the Brompton Hospital for Consumption, London £1000; to the Royal London Opthalmic Hospital £500; to the Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street £500; to St Bartholomews Hospital £500; to Dr Barnardos Homes, London, £500; to the Jersey Branch of Dr Barnardos Homes £250; to St Thomas's Hospital London, £500; to the Jersey Blind Society £250; to St James Church, Jersey £200; to the Home for Infirm & Aged Women £200; to the RNLI £250; to the House of Help, Jersey £100; to the YMCA, London £500; to the Jersey Branch of the YMCA £200; to the Jersey Society, London £200; to the Société Jersiaise £200; to the Jersey Female Orphans Home £250; to the Jersey General Hospital £500; to the Christian Alliance of Women & Girls, Jersey £200; to the Seamens Home, Deptford £200; to Victoria College £100 for the Arthur Hamptonne Barreau Memorial Prize; to St Helier £400 for the upkeep of the Barreau and Hamptonne family graves. Codicil added 9 March 1922; to the London Hospital £500; to the Jersey District Nursing Association £500 Codicil added 31 March 1922; bequeaths to the Bailiff of Jersey £8000 to purchase paintings for the new Art Gallery Codicil added 26 September 1923; increases the legacy to the Jersey branch of the YMCA to £500 Codicil added 18 March 1924 Codicil added 29 March 1926

Reference: D/Y/A/87/163

Date: December 5th 1927 - December 5th 1927

Notes from a talk given to the Jersey Society in London relating to the patron saint of St Helier

Reference: F/D/V/13

Date: October 14th 1971 - October 14th 1971

Article re 'The Ahiers of Jersey 1292-1840' talk given at The Jersey Society of London by Mr Philip Ahier BSc of Huddersfield

Reference: L/C/03/A/22/1

Date: 1960 - 1970

Diary letter 'to be delivered as soon as free communication and the censorship permit' to Mr & Mrs E Mourant, Maison de Haut, Longueville, St Saviour from Arthur Mourant, covering the year July 1941 - June 1942, concerning the escape of Dennis Vibert, the Jersey Society in London, a description of the wedding of Elizabeth Partridge and John Ives, peat digging Gorey Marsh, midwifery training at Dartford County Hospital, and the Société Jersiaise War Emergency Committee (Volume II)

Reference: L/C/31/A/2

Date: October 31st 1941 - July 22nd 1942

Council meeting, Annual General meeting and ordinary meeting minutes 1967

Reference: L/D/05/A/1

Date: January 24th 1967 - December 6th 1967

Council meeting and Annual General Meeting minutes and a copy of the Seventy-Sixth Annual Report, 1976

Reference: L/D/05/A/10

Date: January 28th 1976 - February 10th 1976

Council meeting and Annual General meting minutes, 1977

Reference: L/D/05/A/11

Date: May 16th 1977 - October 14th 1977

Council meetings, Annual General meeting minutes and a copy of the Seventy-Eighth Annual Report, 1978

Reference: L/D/05/A/12

Date: January 24th 1978 - October 17th 1978

Council meetings, Annual General meeting minutes and a copy of the Seventy-ninth Annual Report, 1979

Reference: L/D/05/A/13

Date: January 4th 1979 - May 16th 1979

Council meetings and Annual General Meeting minutes 1980 and a copy of the 80th Annual Report

Reference: L/D/05/A/14

Date: January 17th 1980 - October 16th 1980

Council meetings and Annual General meeting minutes 1981 and copy of the 81st Annual Report

Reference: L/D/05/A/15

Date: January 20th 1981 - December 4th 1981

Council meetings and Annual General Meeting minutes 1982 and copy of the 82nd Annual Report

Reference: L/D/05/A/16

Date: January 14th 1982 - October 14th 1982

Council meetings and Annual General Meeting minutes 1983 and copy of the 83rd Annual Report

Reference: L/D/05/A/17

Date: January 14th 1983 - December 6th 1983

Council meetings and Annual General Meeting minutes and associated papers 1984 and copy of the 84th Annual Report

Reference: L/D/05/A/18

Date: January 8th 1985 - October 30th 1985

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