Prisoners Register, includes; number, criminals name, criminals place of birth, age, accusation, where committed, by whom seized, date of confinement, by whose order, date of trial, sentence, date of discharge, by whose order and remarks. [For previous register please see: L/F/54/A/A/1].This volume has been transcribed and can be viewed as a pdf by subscribers. Please click on the description to access the pdf on the next page.

Reference: D/AG/B1/1

Date: June 28th 1833 - November 2nd 1854

Daily Cholera return form listing entries from midnight of the 2nd September to midnight of the 3rd September 1849

Reference: D/AP/Y/B/1/11

Date: September 2nd 1849 - September 3rd 1849

Daily Cholera return form listing entries from midnight of the 3rd September to midnight of the 4th September 1849

Reference: D/AP/Y/B/1/12

Date: September 3rd 1849 - September 4th 1849

Index to the criminal section of the Royal Court called the Poursuites Criminelles. Click on the attached index to view names, volume number and page number of the relevant case or cases. Consult D/Y /G1 volumes for case details. If the required volume has not been digitised please contact the Archive. Le, de and du names are all indexed under the second part of the name (Le Brun will be in the B section of the index)

Reference: D/Y/G2/2

Date: 1812 - 1834

Index to Causes Criminelles Register. Surnames beginning with K can be consulted on this PDF where volume and page number for the case be obtained.To view the case enter collection reference D/Y/N4 and the volume number ( this index covers volumes 1 - 3). These volumes have been digitised and cases can be viewed online if you are a subscriber. Alternatively email the Archive for a copy.

Reference: D/Y/N5/1/K

Date: January 20th 1854 - December 31st 1871

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