West of England Insurance Company, Fire Insurance Registers, including a description of the property and its situation, the sum insured, present payments including premium and duty, and number of policy [indexed by name], also includes two newspaper clippings

Reference: L/A/20/A/8

Date: January 7th 1862 - June 19th 1867

Photographs of Mr John Le Gallais stood outside the front of Roseland, and photographs of Ms Collette Riches, Ms Margaret Law and Mr Terry Thuillier.

Reference: L/A/75/A2/POR/79/2

Date: September 23rd 1975 - October 2nd 1975

Subject: Portraits

File number: 79

Page number: 2

Images of Open University Honours degree graduate Miss Margaret Law, who works at the central library [from JEP 01/02/82 p.10]

Reference: L/A/75/A3/7/253

Date: January 30th 1982 - January 30th 1982

Photographer: Gary Grimshaw

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1982/253.

Copy of material from the Lasallian Magazine relating to Open University successes

Reference: L/G/02/K4/106

Date: 1979 - 1979

Jersey Talking Magazine-October Edition. Introduction by Gordon Young. Joan Stevens talking about TB Davis-born in 1866-died 1942. Born at Havre des Pas, went to sea as a young boy and was thought to have been drowned but had been picked up and arrived back in Jersey and walked into his memorial service. Attached to South Africa where he established himself as a stevedore and bought almost all of the stevedore interests in South Africa. He was very generous-gave to England, South Africa and Jersey. Gave University to City of Durban. All things given in memory of his son-Howard Leopold David-devoted local things in memory to him including Howard Davis Farm, the Howard Davis Hall at Victoria College, Howard Davis Park and various scholarships. Daughters continued his generosity giving money in memory of their father. Appeared in newspaper giving a window in memory of their father to St Luke's Church. Gave a room to the Société Jersiaise in memory of the Westward, their father's yacht-he loved sailing and made a great deal of the furniture of the Westward himself. Beth Lloyd interviewing Margaret Law, Assistant Chief Librarian, regarding what the Jersey Library has for partially sighted readers, large print books, the branch libraries large print books, if people cannot get into the library someone can choose books for them, improvements in large print books, the popularity of the books on the island, facilities for cassette recordings of books and advice given by library staff. Beth Lloyd with In Touch tips for the blind talking about the problem of drawing out money on holiday. Mary Phillips, a new member of the staff, introducing herself, describes where she lives and cooking for her son. Jean Le Boutillier sent a report from Malole, Zambia with singing from the children, talking about the building of a new clinic for the people of the Malole region, describing the project, talking to Peter Chileshi [?], a trained nurse, about the amount of people he sees a day, the complaints people come with-malaria, how you know people are suffering from malaria and the difference the clinic will make to the people of Malole. Talks to Pierre Jeunet [?], the foreman of the project, talking about how the building work is progressing, the comparison between the building in Zambia and Jersey, people suffering from the sun, repairing the cement mixer, help from the local people, the standard of their work, confident they will complete the project on time and the benefit of the project to the region. Geoffrey Baker, the leader of the project, talking about the selection process for the project, how the project is affecting the Jersey people working on the project, changes in the group, work done apart from the building-highlights of the visit-seeing the locals working and living in their villages. End of Side One. Beth Lloyd talking to Marion Bickerton about the permanent exhibition of Lillie Langtry memorabilia at the Société Jersiaise regarding when and why it was decided to put up the permanent exhibition, describing the redecoration of the room and the exhibits including her clock, a golden gun, a picture of the town called Langtry in Texas, a wardrobe, photographs of Lillie Langtry's life with description of her life, her travelling case and mirror, a variety of books relating to Lillie, a costume worn by Francesca Annis in the London Weekend Television series regarding Lillie Langtry, notes made by Lillie Langtry for her autobiography, copy of the Jersey Lily picture, advertising for Pears Soap, describing her various homes in Britain which are now hotels, the dresses for television, photocopy of Lillie Langtry's will, her funeral, the falling out of Lillie and her daughter, Edward Pointer's painting of Lillie Langtry and paintings by Ouless. John Boucheré talking about black butter including the milking of the cows, the custom of branchage and other customs of Jersey, black butter-social event of the season, describes where black butter would be made, mixing apples together in a pan, was the centre of a social occasion and describes how exactly it was made. End of Side Two.

Reference: R/05/B/66

Date: September 30th 1982 - September 30th 1982

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