List of persons names; Amice Alexandre, Josue du Heaume, Thomas Goddard, Edouard Le Maistre, and James Payn and rentes owed

Reference: L/C/65/A1/7

Date: 1800 - 1810

Adjournment of a case by the prevot of St Helier to the Cour d'Héritage between Amice Marett procureur of Thomas Le Breton eldest son and principal heir of Thomas Le Breton and Edouard Le Maistre principal heir of the late Anne de Carteret concerning the assignation of a rente

Reference: L/C/65/B14/8

Date: May 7th 1772 - May 7th 1772

Vente de Rente between Edouard Le Maistre of the first party and Philippe Anley of the second party. Records the sale from 1 to 2 of 6½ cabots of wheat of rente for the sum of 246 livres 4 sols 6 deniers tournois. Registered Livre 43 folio 59

Reference: L/C/65/B2/19

Date: May 5th 1750 - May 5th 1750

Retrait between Thomas Le Breton acquirer of 6 quartiers 1 cabot of wheat of rente from the héritages of Anne de Carteret and Elizabeth de Carteret of the first party and Jean Le Maistre and Edouard Le Maistre of the second party. Records that 2 claim retrait lignager [repossession by right of a relative] to the rente. 2 do not appear in court and 1 remains in possession of the rente. Registered April 1728

Reference: L/C/65/C3/11

Date: March 4th 1728 - March 4th 1728

Retrait between Elizabeth Corbet acquirer of 1 quartier of wheat from the héritage of Anne and Elizabeth de Carteret of the first party and Jean and Edouard Le Maistre of the second party. Records that 2 claim retrait lignager [repossession by right of a relative] to the rente. Thomas Le Breton appears in court and reimburses 1 the cost of the sale taking possession of the rente. Registered April 1728

Reference: L/C/65/C3/13

Date: March 4th 1728 - March 4th 1728

Retrait between Francois Luce acquirer of 2 quartiers of wheat of rente from the héritages of Anne and Elizabeth de Carteret of the first party and Jean and Edouard Le Maistre of the second party. Records that 2 claim retrait lignager [repossession by right of a relative] to the rente. Thomas Le Breton appears in court and reimburses 1 the cost of the rente and takes possession. Registered April 1728

Reference: L/C/65/C3/15

Date: March 4th 1728 - March 4th 1728

Assignation de Rente between Amice Maret procureur of Thomas Le Breton of the first party and Edouard Le Maistre of the second party. Records the assignation from 2 to 1 of 4 cabots of wheat of rente. Registered Livre 55 folio 137

Reference: L/C/65/C3/59

Date: May 7th 1772 - May 7th 1772

Bill to Thomas Le Breton Pipon for work carried out by Edouard Le Maistre

Reference: L/C/65/C5/13

Date: 1833 - 1834

Partage des Héritages between Philippe Le Maistre eldest son and principal heir of François Le Maistre and the late Marthe Gruchy his first wife of the first party and François Le Maistre, Edouard Le Maistre, Elizabeth Le Maistre wife of Mathieu Esnouf and Marie Le Maistre wife of Josué Le Sueur - younger children of François and Marthe. Records the partition of the héritage of the late Marthe Gruchy. All parties receive rentes

Reference: L/C/66/C4/76

Date: November 21st 1761

Partage des Héritage between Philippe Le Maistre son of François principal heir to the succession of Edouard Le Maistre his Uncle of the first party and François Le Maistre and Edouard Le Maistre of the second party. Records the partition of the héritage of the late Edouard Le Maistre, All parties receive rentes. Registered Livre 55 folio 249

Reference: L/C/66/C4/81

Date: November 6th 1773

Council meetings, Annual General Meeting, ordinary meeting and special meeting minutes 1974, with copy of the Constitution and Rules and the Seventy-Fourth Annual Report

Reference: L/D/05/A/8

Date: February 13th 1974 - December 4th 1974

Copy of the Seventy-Fifth Annual Report, Council meetings, Annual General meeting Special meeting and Ordinary meeting minutes, 1975

Reference: L/D/05/A/9

Date: January 30th 1975 - December 2nd 1975

Photocopy of 'Jersey in London' by Brian Read read and amended by Edouard Le Maistre February 1994

Reference: L/D/05/C/32

Date: 1994 - 1994

Copy of an Order of Justice raised by Jean Poingdestre heir of the late Jeanne Poingdestre his sister. The order relates to a dispute between the main heir and other parties claiming and interest in the land including the tueur of the children of Edouard Le Maistre

Reference: L/F/618/A5/2

Date: 1804 - 1804

Personal View of Deputy Jean Le Maistre interviewed by Malcolm Gray. Was born in Millbrook at the maternity hospital and lived most of his life in St Ouen. He is called Jean and his brothers have French names-François and Edouard. His family took part in farming. Had a fortunate and happy childhood-had lots of space to play and a good community and family spirit. St Ouen has a strong community spirit but so do the other parishes. His father's life has been devoted to the recording of the Jersey language-was brought up speaking jèrriais. Went to school at the age of 5 not knowing a word of english. Jèrriais is a dying language-is a shame because it's part of our identity. There are parish variations of the language-have evolved over the centuries-the language is very rich. First Record-'Going Home' by The Shadows. Got involved in youth club work-was a member of a youth club at St George's Church. Moved on to help in youth clubs-became a youth leader in St Ouen at 17 and then moved to youth work in town at the Cellar Club in Hope Street-worked there for about 5 years-led on to his involvement in the Jersey Youth Movement-became statutory in 1973 and became its first chairman. The Jersey Youth Movement was the precursor to the Jersey Youth Service. At that point there was a lack of facilities. Got to know Cliff Richard through his church work-met him in 1969-came to his wedding. Met him in Israel in 1972 through his overseas aid work. Second Record-'Help it Along' by Cliff Richard. Religion has played a large part in his life-never considered becoming a minister but has always been involved in the church. Believes you should go to church to be a christian-you need to share your faith. Lay people are more involved in services now-he has taken part in some services but doesn't believe that is his role-was an almoner at St George's for 17 years. Second Record-Roy Castle with 'The Bread of Life'. Has travelled a great deal-had a prayer breakfast with Ronald Reagan in Washington. Has visited the Middle East especially Israel-Israel is a very enjoyable place-has organised trips to Israel-has been 14 or 15 times. Israel has had problems but he is quite happy to go because he feels safe. Third Record-'We Have Brought You Greetings'-a traditional jewish greeting song. Has been in the States of Jersey for 15 years-has enjoyed being in the States-wanted to get into the States to help with the youth service and agriculture. Agriculture has been in a difficult state-served on the Agriculture Committee for 6 years under Senator Binnington. Has been President of the Postal Committee and served on the Education Committee. Working in the States takes up a lot of time-your family have to be understanding. Is worried about the States members workload-has lodged a proposition to try and solve this. Wants to keep the honorary system but wants it to be easier for people to come forward and stand. Was born in St Ouen but has always represented St Helier as a deputy-has always worked in St Helier and has served No 3 District where he lived for 8 years. Has not thought about coming a senator at the moment. Fourth Record-Tune from a visiting African choir. Has been president of the Overseas Aid Committee for about 9 years-important to send money and good will. Loves Africa and the African people-they suffer difficulties not of their making-couldn't help but feel emotionally affected. Took the media on a trip in order to experience the conditions in Africa. Fifth Record-Born Free. End of Side One. Personal View of Deputy Jack Roche interviewed by Malcolm Gray in his garden and at Fort Regent. Was born in Jersey in 1924 in Providence Street. Had one brother and three sisters-lived in Charles Street for many years-had a brother Lewis who has passed away and three sisters called Ena, Mavis and Dorothy. His father died 6 months after he was born-was a financial struggle-his mother used to run a shop in Charles Street. Schooled at St Mark's at La Motte Street-one of the teachers was Deputy Arthur Carter. Left school at 14 and then about a year later they evacuated as war broke out. First Record-String of Pearls. His first job was at Bisson Cycle Shop which was then in Halkett Place-worked there for 12 months when the evacuation took place. Travelled as a family except his brother who had just started a business-mainly cargo boats took them across-the journey from Jersey to Weymouth took about 36 hours-it was a very difficult journey. They moved to Bury, went into some brand new houses and they were treated very kindly by the people of the north. Spent the rest of the work years in Bury-got into a reserved occupation-he joined the Air Training Corps and then the war ended. Six weeks after the island was liberated he came back home. Second Record-'A Man and a Woman'. Worked with his brother after liberation-was an electrician by trade but during the war he had invented a machine to process tobacco so he started to work on that. Once commercial cigarettes started coming into the island he was offered a job by W A Nichollas on Commercial Buildings-started work on 3rd February 1946-still with them-started as an office boy and is now the boss. Has become the Jersey Coal Distributors-used to store coal at Fort Regent-he is now the President of the Fort Regent Development Committee. His brother used to work from home in St Clement. The States of Jersey wanted Fort Regent back so a number of companied decided to build a coal store and from this they became one company. Met his wife Joan Norman at the office when he joined in 1946-they were married in 1950 and have one daughter Patricia and one granddaughter Rebecca. Decided to go into the States after getting rid of the business at Commercial Buildings-at first he spent a lot of time gardening. An opportunity came when Len Nightingale retired from the district and he and John Le Gallais, his next door neighbour, decided to stand and both got in. States work takes up enough time as members allow it-if you have spare time you can fill it in the States but if you work you can work it to fill your schedule. He sits on Finance and Economics Committee, the Prison Board, vice-President of the Housing Committee and President of the Fort Regent Development Committee. Is also a States appointed director of the Jersey New Waterworks Company and is chairman of the Joint Advisory Council. Has been vice-president of the Public Works Committee under Senator John Le Marquand Public Health Committee under Senator Gwyneth Huelin. Was Vice-President and then President of Jersey Telecoms, President of the Gambling Control Committee and Etats Civil. During his nearly 12 years he has sat on Agriculture and Fisheries, Tourism, Legislation, Establishment, Broadcasting, was a member of the Executive Committee of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association. Before joining the States sat on the Agricultural Loans Board. In 12 years he has sat on a number of committees-believes members should move around as much as possible in order to see the way the States run. People are invited onto a committee by the president but they can express a desire to go onto that committee. Believes that people who work in the States from businesses will be able to cope with the work and that employers should be sympathetic. Some people would be able to become a full time member of the States in the future. Believes in the honorary system-thinks it could be problematic if people give up their jobs and don't get elected and as a result get in financial difficulty. Third Record-The Waltz from Masquerade by Khachaturian. Jack Roche and Malcolm Gray go to Fort Regent and are greeted by Humphrey, the mascot of Fort Regent. Go into the Rotunda of the Fort-he has been President of the Fort Regent Development Committee for 4 years-appointed a new chief officer Graeme Pitman. Fort Regent has been renovated in the piazza and the funfair and now in the rotunda. Great shows have been put on in the piazza. Fort Regent is sports orientated. Some big names have performed in the Gloucester Hall. Used to use the parade ground as a coal store and he has now gone in a complete circle and finds himself as the president of the facility as a whole. People's attitudes have changed towards the centre-there are 18,000 members. Fourth Record-Shirley Bassey singing Goldfinger. When the rotunda is completed it will become a multi purpose hall for sport and entertainment. There is more than one level in the rotunda-the roof covers 3 acres in total. The cost of the refurbishment will be £1.8 million for the rotunda. Have recently had the 10 millionth visitor to Fort Regent. Fifth Record-Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture.

Reference: R/07/B/12

Date: 1987 - 1987

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