The Hospital Committee Minutes. They contain information regarding suppliers to the hospitals, appointments and details of staff, lists of people receiving and applying for public assistance payments and have been indexed by name of person. To view an entry locate the page number on the index and then look at relevant page on the PDF containing the page number.

Reference: C/C/V1/15

Date: February 6th 1899 - December 18th 1902

Travel Permits issued to incoming passengers bound for Jersey on the SS Alberta on the 5th of December 1916

Reference: D/S/M3/114

Date: December 5th 1916 - December 5th 1916

Draft register of deaths in St Helier volume 23 . These records provided the information for the Superintendent Registrar to compile the official death registers. They include name, age, date, cause of death, address, doctor and undertaker. Please refer to the pdf name index attached to obtain a date or entry number and then search the pdf file/s. Dates are not always in chronological order.

Reference: E/D/A1/16

Date: April 24th 1872 - November 10th 1873

Photographs of the buildings at the junction of La Motte Street and St Saviour's Road, and of the Le Riche premises at Colomberie and Grenville Street.

Reference: L/A/75/A2/BUI/16/3

Date: December 2nd 1960 - December 12th 1960

Subject: Buildings

File number: 16

Page number: 3

Photographs of King Street, the Clock Tower and A C Gallie Limited at Charing Cross, Beresford Street, and of the Le Riche premises.

Reference: L/A/75/A2/BUI/16/4

Date: December 12th 1960 - December 19th 1960

Subject: Buildings

File number: 16

Page number: 4

Photographs of Brough's Temporary Shopping Arcade in King Street, and demolition sites on the corners of La Motte Street and Beresford Street.

Reference: L/A/75/A2/BUI/19/7

Date: October 24th 1961 - December 18th 1961

Subject: Buildings

File number: 19

Page number: 7

Photographs of Fairview Dairy, Bath Street, and the construction of the new Rugby Club house, St Peter.

Reference: L/A/75/A2/BUI/35/5

Date: May 20th 1964 - August 20th 1964

Subject: Buildings

File number: 35

Page number: 5

The Evening Post -June 30, 1890

Reference: US/100

Date: 1890 - 1890

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