An Agreement between Ernest Le Sueur, States Greffier on behalf of the Committee of Piers and Harbours and Francis Hawksford, Procureur of Francis William Lowther and Herbert Whitaker, proprietors of the Jersey Railway. The Agreement is for the renewal of the lease for nine years for the plot of land and buildings on Albert Pier. The lease is for one hundred pounds sterling annually and starts from 25th December 1892.

Reference: D/AP/AB/19

Date: April 7th 1893 - April 7th 1893

Letter from G H Mills addressed to Ernest Le Sueur, States Greffier. The letter is relating to a claim made against the Great Western Railway for £27 by the States of Jersey. The claim has been refused by the Great Western Railway who accept no liability for the claim.

Reference: D/AP/AB/22

Date: November 11th 1892 - November 11th 1892

Letter from the Great Western Railway addressed to th Ernest Le Sueur the Greffier of the States requesting accommodation at the new North Quay for the Great Western Railway Steamers.

Reference: D/AP/AB/31

Date: June 29th 1894 - June 29th 1894

Letter from The Jersey Railways and Tramways Limited addressed to Ernest Le Sueur, States Greffier. The letter relates to the laying down of new rail tracks from St Helier to Albert Pier.

Reference: D/AP/AB/37

Date: March 27th 1896 - March 27th 1896

Report from the Greffier of the States, Ernest Le Sueur, relating to previous acts of the states regarding the rights of the Committee of Piers and Harbours to a room occupied by the railway station.

Reference: D/AP/AB/38

Date: August 22nd 1896 - August 22nd 1896

Photograph of the States Chamber. People identified: Bailiff William V Vernon, Attorney General Adolphus Hilgrove Turner, States Greffier Ernest Le Sueur, Lieutenant Bailiff Edward Malet de Carteret, Usher Philip Whitley, Under Usher John Gaudin, P A Aubin, Reverend G P Balleine and Reverend F de Gruchy (not dated)

Reference: D/AP/AF/6

Date: 1899 - 1900

Approval by the States of Jersey for actes of the Defence committee relating to various subjects including out of work donations, the demobilisation Employment Exchange signed by the States Greffier Ernest Le Sueur

Reference: D/AP/B/15

Date: August 17th 1914 - January 28th 1923

General papers from the Royal Jersey Militia. Bail et Vente between amy Helena Le Gallais, daughter of Albert and wife of Hubert archer Wilding Creaghe of the first party and Charles Edward Malet de Carteret, Advocat-General of the Crown and Ernest Le Sueur, Greffier of the Royal Court and the States of Jersey of the second party. Bail et Vente between 1 to 2 of a house called 'Les Rouges Maison', a piece of land called 'La Mielle des Rouges Maisons and 'La Mielle de Manoeuvres' in the parish of St Brelade. The house and surrounding land is sold for the sum of 2,000 pounds sterling to be paid in one payment.

Reference: D/AP/R/13/47

Date: 1925 - 1925

Letter from States Greffe, Guernsey to Ernest Le Sueur, Greffier, Jersey informing him he had not found an Order in Council 06/12/1805 but had found an Order in Council 13/02/1767 containing a scheme for establishing officers of customs in the Islands

Reference: D/AP/U/146/19

Date: April 5th 1893 - April 5th 1893

Letter from J G Falle, Plaisance to Ernest Le Sueur, Greffier regarding the Prison Board

Reference: D/AP/U/146/20

Date: March 14th 1894 - March 14th 1894

Letter from the Treasury to Ernest Le Sueur, Greffier acknowledging receipt of his letter of 31 March regarding the Jersey Prison Board

Reference: D/AP/U/146/21

Date: April 3rd 1894 - April 3rd 1894

Letter from Ernest Le Sueur, Greffier to Lieutenant Colonel Simpson, Government Secretary originally enclosed with papers relating to the case of the Jersey Prison Board

Reference: D/AP/U/146/22

Date: April 10th 1894 - April 10th 1894

Licence and agreement between Sir William Joynson-Hicks, Postmaster General, and Ernest Le Sueur, Greffier acting on behalf of the States of Jersey, granting the States permission to carry on a telephone business.

Reference: D/AR/B1/2

Date: April 16th 1923 - April 16th 1923

Admission Registers for Brighton Road School. Includes: name, address, name of parent/guardian, last school, date of birth, cause of leaving. View attached PDF for entries

Reference: D/J/02/B1/1A

Date: January 31st 1910 - September 20th 1920

Travel Permits completed by people leaving Jersey for Guernsey and Southampton on the 23rd of June 1917

Reference: D/S/M2/193

Date: June 23rd 1917 - June 23rd 1917

Testament of Ernest Le Sueur, 2 Greenwood Villas, Roseville Street, St Helier. Dated 14 June 1932.

Reference: D/Y/A/95/19

Date: October 4th 1933 - October 4th 1933

Correspondence relating to the calling to the Bar of Ernest Le Sueur with confirmation from George Bertram, Procureur Général

Reference: D/Y/G3/14

Date: January 24th 1883 - January 26th 1883

Index to Causes Criminelles Register. The attached PDF contains surnames beginning with S where volume and page number for the case can be obtained.To view cases consult collection D/Y/N4 online if volume is attached or view at the Archive. Alternatively email for a copy

Reference: D/Y/N5/3/S

Date: January 1st 1885 - December 31st 1905

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