Jersey General Hospital Admission Register, 1855 - 1863. This register gives details of the person admitted, including date of entry, name, age, place of birth and cause of entry. The volume has been transcribed and can be viewed as a pdf by subscribers. (Please note all of the entries for D/AN/B11/2 are also in this register, so it has not been transcribed). Click on volume description to access the pdf.

Reference: D/AN/B11/3

Date: October 1st 1855 - December 1st 1863

File of correspondence regarding issue of legislation to ban non-returnable bottles includes 'A Report to the Ontario Minister of the Environment from the Waste Management Board, December 1976'; article by Willa Owen 'Jersey to ban one-trip bottles', correspondence from The Jersey and Guernsey Mineral Water Association, letter to the Chief Administrative Officer, Public Building & Works Department from Ian Steven, Managing Director Ann Street Brewery and letter dated November 1980 to Mrs Frances Le Sueur from Miss D Williams, Ann Street Brewery Company Secretary referring to the recent Soroptimist International Conference and issue of returnable containers.

Reference: L/A/34/G1/10

Date: 1971 - 1980

Photographs which relate to a bird netting trip to Les Minquiers by members of the Bird Section of the Societe Jersiaise, including Frances Le Sueur, with the purpose of trapping and ringing spring migrant birds.

Reference: L/A/75/A2/MIN/2/3

Date: March 23rd 1952 - March 23rd 1952

Subject: Minquiers

File number: 2

Page number: 3

Photographs which relate to a bird netting trip to Les Minquiers by members of the Bird Section of the Societe Jersiaise, including Frances Le Sueur, with the purpose of trapping and ringing spring migrant birds.

Reference: L/A/75/A2/MIN/2/4

Date: March 23rd 1952 - March 23rd 1952

Subject: Minquiers

File number: 2

Page number: 4

Photographs which feature bird netting by members of the Bird Section of the Societe Jersiaise, including Frances Le Sueur, with the purpose of trapping and ringing spring migrant birds. The work of the Societe is recognised by the British Trust for Ornithology.

Reference: L/A/75/A2/MIN/2/5

Date: March 23rd 1952 - March 29th 1952

Subject: Minquiers

File number: 2

Page number: 5

Photographs of Mrs Frances Le Sueur, photographs of Deputy de Veulle, and a photograph of Centenier Albert L'Amy.

Reference: L/A/75/A2/POR/75/1

Date: September 19th 1974 - November 7th 1974

Subject: Portraits

File number: 75

Page number: 1

Image of a drawing of and notes on a bird species called the fire-crested regulus, or the common firecrest, for Frances Le Sueur. The image relates to a British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) Survey of garden birds.

Reference: L/A/75/A3/1/206

Date: January 28th 1976 - January 29th 1976

Photographer: Frank

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1976/206

Images of an event at the Jersey Museum, The Weighbridge, St Helier attended by the Bailiff of Jersey Sir Frank Ereaut and the Lieutenant Governor Sir Desmond Fitzpatrick to commemorate the launch of two books written by local authors: The Parish Church of St Saviour by Francis de l'Isle Bois and A Natural History of Jersey by Frances Le Sueur.

Reference: L/A/75/A3/1/2640B

Date: December 4th 1976 - December 4th 1976

Photographer: Bob Ritchie

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1976/2640B

Images of Frances Le Sueur. These images were taken near St. Ouen's Bay, for a Focus feature. Jersey Evening Post

Reference: L/A/75/A3/5/2951

Date: February 1st 1980 - February 1st 1980

Photographer: Peter Mourant

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1980/2951.

Flora of Jersey

Reference: NH/L/2

Date: 1984

A Natural History of Jersey

Reference: NH/L/3

Date: 1976

VHS Tape of two separate films : 1) "Holiday Preview" Pt 3 . Filmed by Hal Morey in 16mm B&W silent This film is located in the Audio Visual Area of the Jersey Archive. 2) Filmed by Albert Le Sueur in Standard 8mm Colour. Construction of the "Dobsonian", St Ouen's Pond late 1950s. Rare footage of St Ouen's Pond frozen over (8 inches of ice), winter 1963 (with Dick Le Sueur and son Richard). Frances Le Sueur and her husband Dick have cared for St Ouen's Pond for over forty years.0h 14m 22s

Reference: Q/05/A/17

Date: 1938 - 1963

VHS tape of 2 separate films: 1) Filmed by Olive Thompson in 8mm standard B&W. Mr Thompson ran a photographic repair shop in Union Street. Olive Thompson kept a cine-camera and film long after all cameras had been called in by the German authorities. In the last years of the Occupation, she secretly filmed the Germans at work and play, providing rare footage of life under the Swastika. This film includes scenes of jubilation at the Liberation of Jersey (May 1945) and shows the crowds listening to Winston Churchill's VE day speech (15.00 hrs 8th May 1945) and the Bailiff Alexander Countanche being feted in the Royal Square. 0 22m 11s 2) Filmed by Frances Le Sueur in standard 8mm colour. Film shows a visit by the Pre-Historic Society to the archaeological site at La Cotte de St Brelade, Ouaisne. Jesuit priest Father Burdo and visiting members of the society. Also Le Sueur family film including Richard Le Sueur' 8th birthday party in 1967 and bird-ringing at Le Pulec. This film is located in the Audio Visual Area of the Jersey Archive.

Reference: Q/05/A/20

Date: 1943 - 1967

VHS tape: Filmed by E D H Johnson in 16mm colour. Documentary film of birdlife in Jersey prepared by the Ornithological Section of La Société Jersiaise. Centred around St Ouen's Pond. Good sequence showing bird ringing and sizing by Frances Le Sueur. Later shots show expedition to the Ecrehous. 0h 25m 53s This film is located in the Audio Visual Area of the Jersey Archive.

Reference: Q/05/A/23

Date: 1955 - 1958

Jersey Talking Magazine-August 1977 Edition. Introduction by Gordon Young. Nature feature-Frances Le Sueur talking about crickets with noise. Health feature-Beth Lloyd speaking to the doctor about healthy foods and cholesterol levels. Cooking feature-Margaret Jenkins talking about recipes for sausages. Island Administrators-Graeme Pitman interviewing Sir Frank Ereaut, the Bailiff regarding the history of the role of Bailiff in the island, his roles within the island, the changing role of the bailiff, the relationship between the Bailiff and the Jurats in the Royal Court and the court system and the appointment of the bailiff. Gardening feature-from Jack Douglas and Alf Ippititimus regarding beans and honey. End of Side One. Poem on the occupation by Reg Grandin. Feature by Di Weber on The Willows, a day care centre built in the grounds of The Limes, which had recently opened its doors and interviewed Miss Fairwell, a chief volunteer about the day care centre and interviews with the residents about the centre including Mrs Balleine, Mr Tallon, Mrs Guegan, and volunteers at the centre including Miss Norman and the cook talking about the food served and Mrs Trevor, the lady in charge for the day talking about the centre. Story in a Devonian accent about Widdecombe Fair. The organiser for Guide Dogs for the Blind for the Western District, David Haydn-Thomas, interviewed about smells in the garden, gardening and gardens by the blind, formation of local radio, the treatment of the blind, the Guide Dogs for the Blind organisation and the Talking Book. Gordon Young ends with a humorous story.

Reference: R/05/B/10

Date: July 31st 1977 - July 31st 1977

Jersey Talking Magazine-December 1977 Edition. Introduction by Gordon Young. Nature feature-Frances Le Sueur talking about owls including examples of their noise. Medical feature-Beth Lloyd talking to a doctor about keeping warm in winter. Cooking feature-Margaret Jenkins talking about steaming. Island Administrators-Graeme Pitman interviewing Senator Bernard Binnington, President of the Agriculture and Fisheries Committee about the responsibilities of his committee, administration of the States Farm at the Howard Davis Farm and the work that goes on there, things that he think may change in the industry in the future, the involvement of the committee in fisheries, the possibility of taking over responsibility for food stocks, how long he has been president and been in the States. Mike Le Cocq talking about hints for gardening for blind people. End of Side One. Child reading a poem about winter. In July Andrew Millar who is blind, PRO of Talking Newspaper, a physiotherapist and a guide around Colchester and Marjorie Norton visited Buckingham Palace for a garden party and talks about their experience, meeting the Queen and Prince Philip. Norah Bryant, a picture restorer, being interviewed by Beth Lloyd about picture restoration, the process of restoration and cleaning, the implications of having a picture restored and examples of work. Interview by Philip Gurdon of Joe Rechka, a pilot, who talks about his early life just after the Germans had invaded Czechoslovakia, travelling from Poland to Calais and then Paris, joining the French Foreign Legion and training for war, defending railway stations over the Maginot Line, the Allies losing the war and moving to Liverpool, joining the British Fighter Squadron, ferrying planes, flying over Malta, returning to Czechoslovakia after the war and escaping to the UK to escape the regime.

Reference: R/05/B/14

Date: November 30th 1977 - November 30th 1977

Jersey Talking Magazine-February 1978 Edition. Introduction by Gordon Young. Nature feature-Frances Le Sueur talking about whales after a sperm whale was washed up in november at Bouley Bay. Crime feature-Detective Constable Tony Knowlton, Crime Prevention Officer talking about his job and how to look after your property. Pharmacy feature-Molly Perchard talking about herbal remedies. Cooking feature-Margaret Jenkins talking about various recipes from christmas. Tips for the blind in looking after pets. June reading from Eyes at My Feet, a true story, by Jessie Hickford, a blind woman with a guide dog. End of Side One. Di Weber being shown around St Aubin by Robin Cox and talks about the Church of the Sacred Heart and the anchor outside, Victoria Road, the history of St Brelade's Parish Hall and the railway, back of the Methodist Chapel on the bulwarks, Le Quai Bisson, work on de Bourcier's Baker Shops and Ovens to restore it, date stones on the houses, the houses and how they have been developed, Mr Derner's boat yard with an inscription above for John Leigh, outside Elliston House looking at the St Aubin Harbour and how it was built, the Royal Channel Islands Yacht Club on Le Boulevard, adaptations German's made during the occupation, the old St Aubin market now a bank, Mont Les Vaux, Raindrop Mill, St Aubin's Institute, St Aubin On the Hill (St Aubin's Church), the harbour pump, Sacred Heart School, formerly known as the Thomas Julian Bray Jubilee Hall, St Aubin's Hospital for the Sick and Aged, Hamon Memorial Hall which used to be an independent chapel, School Road on what was General Don's main road to St Peter, the Railway Walk with the four mile stone from the Royal Square, a railway quarry with a beginning of a german tunnel and St Aubin's Railway Tunnel with description of the tunnel. Humorous story from Gordon Young and an offer to have questions asked from the readers to politicians.

Reference: R/05/B/16

Date: January 31st 1978 - January 31st 1978

Jersey Talking Magazine No 5-November 1976. Introduction by Gordon Young talking about the weather. Gardening feature-looking at the seed catalogues-beans, carrots, onions and flowers. Nature-Frances Le Sueur-interested in flora and fauna-talks about the drought-affect on the birds in St Ouen's Pond, rain after the summer-result the pond has filled up again. Movement of birds from Northern Europe southwards for the winter-rarity of an appearance of a honey buzzard excavating a wasp's nest in Fern Valley [?St Mary], asking for advice of what to mention in this regular column. Cooking feature-Margaret Jenkins giving tips on cooking with eggs. Buying a house-housing problem-Ralph Robbins-island's Housing Officer-main function of housing-allocation of housing stock and provide additional homes, waiting list for houses, programme for house building, wealthy immigrants living in Jersey-value to the island and numbers coming in, people coming in-how classified as essentially employed. Tips for blind people in picking up small metal items, using a nail gun, Braille handbook on the transfer to metric measurements. End of Part One. June Gurdon in Sark talks about the size and history of the island including the arrival of the Seigneur of St Ouen, Helier de Carteret, with his family and tenants in 1565 and agreeing to QE I to keep Sark continuously inhabited by 40 men to defend the island, within 7 years a thriving community had been established, Sark became the property of the Le Pellé family and later Sybil Hathaway-La Dame who became an iconic figure. Concerned with education and health and during the occupation stayed in the island. In 1965 she was awarded the Order of Dame of the British Empire. Talks of changes in the island. Michael Beaumont, current Seigneur of Sark, talks about his life, the length of time he had been Seigneur, the finance, legal and government systems of the island and his seigneural rights. Helen Gibson, teacher at the secondary school in Sark talks about the young of the island, teaching in Sark, the education system and the curriculum. Talks to some young people concerning their lives, future plans in the island, job prospects and the building industry in the island. Talks about the countryside and nature of the island including their experience of catching a chancre crab, describing the beauty of the island, looking out from Sark over the sea and at the other Channel Islands and France. Cottages that the Gurdon's stayed in were run by Miss Allen and Miss Webb-Miss Allen and Miss Webb talks about coming to the island, island life, differences between running hotel in Sark and England and Sark's marine life.

Reference: R/05/B/2

Date: November 12th 1976 - November 12th 1976

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