Files of newscuttings concerning the 25th Anniversary of the Liberation of Jersey

Reference: D/AP1/A314/1

Date: 1970 - 1970

Plans and correspondence concerning the Liberation Anniversary Committee construction of Liberation Square referred to in an Act of the States

Reference: D/AP1/A314/5(8)

Date: April 19th 1994 - April 19th 1994

Plans of the Liberation Anniversary Committee proposed redevelopment of Liberation Square referred to in an Act of the States

Reference: D/AP1/A314/5(8)/1

Date: October 25th 1994 - October 25th 1994

1) 'Talkback' on Radio Jersey about how the States are planning to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the liberation represented by Liberation Anniversary Committee Vice-President Don Filleul, Deputy Enid Quenault and Senator John Ellis. Subjects covered include why and how the 40th anniversary of the liberation is being celebrated, the thanksgiving ceremony to take place at Howard Davis Park, the build up to the celebrations, parades that may take place, people from the armed forces coming to celebrate, the aims of the celebrations, the attempt to get local people involved, reenactments to take place, soundbites from people on the street asking how they think the 40th anniversary of the Liberation should be celebrated, the hopes of the committee that members of the liberating forces would be able to attend, the danger of stirring up anti-German feeling, some suggestions for events and what they hope the celebrations can achieve. 2) Half of interview with Michael Ginns, President of the Channel Islands Occupation Society, by Beth Lloyd on 'Personal View' talking about his life with musical interludes. Starts mid way through talking about life at internment camp and subjects covered include walking outside of the camp, repatriation, liberation, his schooling after liberation, joining the army and his experiences at the time of the Korean War working with tanks, working at the Post Office since leaving the army, his hobbies-interest in transport service and the camera club and his work with the Channel Islands Occupation Society.

Reference: L/D/25/L/20

Date: July 31st 1983 - July 31st 1983

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