Examples of invitations to official events connected with the liberation celebrations

Reference: C/C/L/C14/9

Date: December 30th 1994 - May 9th 1995

Reference Material

Reference: C/C/L/C15

Photocopy of the Souvenir Programme 'Stars of the Army' cast made up of the Liberation Forces, show produced by Ted Taylor with words of the Liberation Waltz

Reference: C/C/L/C15/2

Date: 1945 - 1945

Photographs of the 11th Royal Militia Island of Jersey Battalion, The Hampshire Regiment. Named personel remaining immediately prior to disbandment on 11 April 1946

Reference: C/C/L/C15/3

Date: 1946 - 1946

Notes on Lord Portsea (Bertram Godfray Falle) who championed the cause of the Channel Islands in the House of Lords during the Occupation and the Lord Portsea Gift Fund. Photocopy of a card advertising The Wellington Boys Club, Battersea, London

Reference: C/C/L/C15/4

Date: 1948 - 1948

Enlarged copies of photographs during taken during the occupation and after liberation, Lakeman children collecting firewood 1939-1940; military vehicle parade, Victoria Avenue 10? May 1945 and an unidentified mother with her baby, born in an internment camp, on the boat with an Evening Post reporter 1945 - 1946

Reference: C/C/L/C15/5

Date: 1939 - 1946

Ordnance Survey map of St Helier

Reference: C/C/L/C15/6

Date: 1988 - 1988

Correspondence between Impact Video Productions and the Jersey Museums Service re. proposed Occupation Video History Project

Reference: C/C/L/C16/1

Date: April 10th 1991 - April 22nd 1991

Correspondence and minutes regarding the Jackdaw Educational Resource Pack on the subject of the Occupation

Reference: C/C/L/C16/2

Date: February 13th 1989 - February 21st 1992

Correspondence regarding works of art commissioned by the Occupation and Liberation Committee

Reference: C/C/L/C16/3

Date: April 21st 1989 - May 12th 1998


Reference: C/C/L/C17

Thank you letters to the Occupation and Liberation Committee regarding the liberation celebrations

Reference: C/C/L/C17/1

Date: April 12th 1995 - November 26th 1995

Poster advertising celebrations for VE-VJ Day in the UK for the World War Commemorations Team (6-8 May & 19-20 August 1995)

Reference: C/C/L/C17/10

Date: 1995 - 1995

Photograph of unidentified group celebrating Liberation Day on the Esplanade

Reference: C/C/L/C17/2

Date: 1995 - 1995

Correspondence regarding the Liberation ring

Reference: C/C/L/C17/3

Date: December 5th 1994 - December 19th 1994

Correspondence and minutes relating to early ideas and discussions for the Liberation Day celebrations

Reference: C/C/L/C17/5

Date: February 6th 1991 - July 15th 1994

Propositions lodged au Greffe by the Occupation and Liberation Committee

Reference: C/C/L/C17/6

Date: June 14th 1988 - May 23rd 1995

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