Reference: A/A10

Correspondence relating to expenses incurred in keeping government accounts for the Island of Jersey includes a typewritten transcription

Reference: A/A10/1

Date: December 19th 1799 - December 19th 1799

Correspondence relating to expenses incurred in keeping government accounts for the Island of Jersey includes a type written transcription

Reference: A/A10/2

Date: March 20th 1807 - March 20th 1807

Correspondence relating to request for the appointment of an Adjutant in the Jersey Militia . [Includes a typewritten transcription]

Reference: A/A11/1a

Date: June 5th 1806 - June 5th 1806

Correspondence sent from Whitehall relating to the plan to retain a certain proportion of the Jersey troop including a Serjeant and 12 men, for service on the Island. [Includes a typewritten transcription]

Reference: A/A11/3

Date: November 24th 1815 - November 24th 1815

Correspondence sent from Whitehall relating to expenses for forage for a horse

Reference: A/A11/4

Date: September 6th 1816 - September 6th 1816

Correspondence sent from Whitehall relating to inspection returns for the Jersey Militia

Reference: A/A11/5

Date: August 14th 1817 - August 14th 1817

Letter dated 10th October 1945 from Oberregierungsrat Johnannes of Hochstrasse 4, Wiesbaden Bereich writing to Alexander Coutanche Bailiff of Jersey. He asks for letters of recommendation with regard to his conduct as a member of the German military government during the period 1940-1941. He writes that he and his family are now in a disagreeable situation and that he feels that the papers may help. [This letter was sent to Jersey via the F.O/ S/D Doc Unit Ministerial Collecting Centre-Kassel]

Reference: A/A12/1

Date: October 10th 1945 - October 10th 1945

Letter from Graf Von Schmettow to Alexander Coutanche [undated but presumed to have been written in the months following the Liberation of Jersey]. He gives his location as a hospital in the remote Austrial Alps and requests information about the fate of his subordinates and about the fate of the Island. He also writes that Baroness Aufsess and her three infant children are also living in the same place and that the Baroness also wishes to be remembered. He is deeply concerned about the fate of Barons Helldorf and Aufsess, and he writes of the bitterness of being removed from his position and from the Islands and that he earnestly entreated his successor to carry on in the same spirit and method that he had followed. He worries that discipline and decent behaviour have been maintained to the end... . He hopes that the restrictions imposed by the war will soon be lifed and that the Island can return to its normal peacful course. He has no communication with his relations residing in the Russian occupied regions. He knows of one daughter who is a refugee in Salzburg and she will try to get the letter through via the Red Cross or the British Liason Officer in Salzburg. He askes for an enclosed letter to be forwarded to Miss White of Samares Manor [catalogued as A/A12/3]. He ends with greetings to the Attorney General Mr Aubin and warmest wishes for the future of the entire population of the Channel Islands. The reverse of the envelope is annoted Rudolf Graf Schmettow and the address of Hospital 907

Reference: A/A12/2

Date: 1945 - 1946

Answer to a letter which makes certain allegations relating to the Governor and the running of the prison.The letter refutes each allegation in a series of points.

Reference: A/A8/1

Date: June 14th 1869 - June 14th 1869

Letter from Robert Pipon Marett Bailiff of Jersey and President of the Prison Board, to the Lieutenant Governor Major General H.M.Nicholson relating to the acceptance of the prison and house of correction as an authorised place for carrying out the provisions of the Army Discipline and Regulation Act. Also includes a typed transcription

Reference: A/A8/2

Date: February 3rd 1881 - February 3rd 1881

Military Buildings

Reference: A/A9

Correspondence between the Lieutenant Governors Office and Lord Hawkesbury relating to the site of Fort Regent

Reference: A/A9/1

Date: August 30th 1804 - August 30th 1804

Correspondence between the Council Chamber in Whitehall and Lieutenant Governors Office relating to the site of Fort Regent, also includes a typewritten transcription

Reference: A/A9/2

Date: August 28th 1804 - August 28th 1804

Correspondence from A W Harrison to the Lieutenant Governor Lieutenant General George Don relating to funds of £78 11s 6d for the completion of the Garrison Parade. [Includes a typed transcription]

Reference: A/A9/3

Date: February 15th 1811 - February 15th 1811

File S4/1/11/1 Arrest and Detention of Aliens

Reference: A/C8/1

Date: July 27th 1939 - June 25th 1954

File S.4/1/9 Temporary Mob Scheme

Reference: A/C8/10

Date: June 21st 1955 - June 21st 1955

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