Registration Card of Ellen Luxon, of 7, Plaisance Terrace, St Luke, St Saviour, born 07/01/1875

Reference: D/S/A/11/A1990

Date: January 22nd 1941 - January 22nd 1941

Blue Registration Form of Ellen Luxon, of 7, Plaisance Terrace, St Luke, St Saviour, born 07/01/1875

Reference: D/S/A/11/B1990

Date: January 22nd 1941 - January 22nd 1941

Travel Permits issued to incoming passengers bound for Jersey on the SS Vera on the 14th September 1916

Reference: D/S/M3/64

Date: September 14th 1916 - September 14th 1916

Will and Testament of Arthur Luxon, of Braemar, Cleveland Road, St Helier. Bequeaths to his son Percy Knight Luxon and Evelyn Annie Luxon equal shares in the residue of his estate on the condition that they shall each pay to his sister Ellen Luxon and annuity of £52. Desires that no payments be made to his eldest son, Reginald Arthur Luxon as he has already advanced to him or paid on his behalf considerably more than the amount of the shares of the estate to which he would have been entitled to by law on his death and desires that no claim should be made against his son for the repayments of such amounts. Dated 13/06/1947. [Includes one closed document]

Reference: D/Y/B1/2/40

Date: August 10th 1949 - August 10th 1949

Baptism Register of Great Union Road Methodist Church - entry for Ellen Luxon, daughter of Stephen and Eliza Luxon

Reference: J/C/U/B/1/194

Date: March 14th 1875

Counterfoils for death certificates for various people of the Bible Christian Chapel in St Helier (later became Great Union Road Chapel)

Reference: J/C/U/B/4

Date: 1946 - 1956

Croad and Sons Funeral Director -Livre de Remarques [Indexed]. Includes burial number, name of person buried, relatives, age, date of death, address, date and place of burial. To find the name you are interested in please look at the index and then open the pdf with the relevant page number. Please note that in this volume, the numbers 20020 - 20119 have been used twice - this is a mistake in the original volume,

Reference: L/A/41/B1/13

Date: April 5th 1946 - March 2nd 1955

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