Petition and related correspondence from the publicans of St Helier to the Lieutenant Governor, Lothian Nicholson, the Bailiff, Sir Robert Pipon Marett and the Royal Court regarding the sale of alcohol on a Sunday

Reference: A/D3/11

Date: November 28th 1882 - December 4th 1882

Correspondence between her Majesty's Government and the Lieutenant-Governor and Bailiff concerning the report on the Royal Militia of Jersey. Lodged au Greffe, printed by Le Lievre Brothers, States Printers.

Reference: D/AP/AD/6/10

Date: December 6th 1880 - December 6th 1880

Sermon preached on 06/01/1881 in the Parish Church of St Helier by the Reverend Thomas Le Neveu, Rector of St Martin on the occasion of the celebration of the centenary of the Battle of Jersey (06/01/1781) in the presence of the Lieutenant Governor Lothian Nicholson, the Bailiff Robert Pipon Marett and members of the States of Jersey

Reference: D/AP/AD/6/13

Date: January 6th 1881 - January 6th 1881

Draft affidavit of Thomas Dorey, 21, Hill Street, St Helier, dénonciateur of the Royal Court referring to the release of Privates Arthur White, Samuel Stone and Richard Purdey of the 32nd Light Infantry from prison on royal warrant to proceed on foreign service 05/04/1890. Copies of letters between Lothian Nicholson, Lieutenant Governor; Sir Robert Pipon Marett, Bailiff and the Secretary of State 1880s

Reference: D/AP/U/146/7

Date: August 25th 1880 - October 4th 1880

Date: April 5th 1890 - June 13th 1890

Printed petition to Major General Henry Wray; Robert Pipon Marett, Bailiff and the States of Jersey from the Royal Society of Agriculture requesting an Act of Incorporation for the Society to be known as Royal Jersey Agricultural and Horticultural Society. Lodged au Greffe

Reference: D/AP/U/22

Date: December 14th 1883 - December 14th 1883

Petition to Lieutenant General Lothian Nicholson, Lieutenant Governor, Sir Robert Pipon Marett, Bailiff, and the States of Jersey from the merchants of Jersey. Requests that article 30 of the Loi sur la Perception des Impôts (Law concerning the gathering of duty) be modified, includes a Project de Loi from P Baudains, Constable of St Helier relating to the reimbursement of duty in certain cases.

Reference: L/A/12/F4/1

Date: March 15th 1883 - March 22nd 1883

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