The Hospital Committee Minutes. They contain information regarding suppliers to the hospitals, appointments and details of staff, lists of people receiving and applying for public assistance payments. To view an entry locate the page number on the index and then look at relevant page on the PDF containing the page number.

Reference: C/C/V1/13

Date: December 14th 1892 - April 1st 1896

General Hospital Admission Register - Entries for hospital patients and inmates with surnames beginning with the letter M

Reference: D/AN/B1/17/M

Date: January 1st 1894 - December 31st 1894

St Helier Town Church Baptism Register. Closed for preservation purposes but a typed transcription is available to view in the form of a pdf for subscribers. Click here to take you to the pdf and then click on View GC03A214.pdf in red.

Reference: G/C/03/A2/14

Date: September 9th 1841 - August 13th 1848

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