Volume of Annual Returns from individual island schools. The names of theattending children are recorded along with attendance summaries, inspectors reports, accounts, examination results and the names of teachers and pupil teachers. This volume has been indexed by name of person mentioned. The volume can be viewed at the Archive to access extra detail.

Reference: D/J/A/14

Date: 1889 - 1889

Death certificate of James Matthews

Reference: L/C/29/H/1

Date: May 31st 1972 - May 31st 1972

Details of Solicitors meetings involving Mr and Mrs Matthews

Reference: L/C/29/H/10

Date: October 3rd 1932 - January 9th 1933

Will of Ethel Matthews

Reference: L/C/29/H/11

Will of Ethel Matthews

Reference: L/C/29/H/13

Date: August 11th 1927 - August 11th 1927

Will of James Matthews

Reference: L/C/29/H/14

Date: July 17th 1925 - July 17th 1925

Legal agreement between Albert Farnworth and Mr and Mrs Matthews

Reference: L/C/29/H/15

Date: October 11th 1932 - October 11th 1932

Letter from Royal Court regarding Mr and Mrs Matthews and Barclays Bank

Reference: L/C/29/H/16

Date: 1932 - 1932

Letter to Claire Marie Le Peurian regarding bequeaths to her from James Matthews

Reference: L/C/29/H/17

Date: 1932 - 1932

Probate of the will and codicils of James Matthews

Reference: L/C/29/H/18

Date: 1970 - 1970

Fourth codicil to the will of personal estate of James Matthews

Reference: L/C/29/H/19

Date: 1970 - 1970

General Accident Car insurance certificate

Reference: L/C/29/H/2

Date: 1970 - 1970

Driving licence of Ethel Matthews

Reference: L/C/29/H/20

Date: 1956 - 1956

Note containing short hand

Reference: L/C/29/H/22

Letter regarding Greaves, Bull & Lakin (Harbury Works) Ltd stocks from Barclays Bank

Reference: L/C/29/H/23

Date: November 10th 1931 - November 10th 1931

Share certificates for Mr and Mrs Matthews

Reference: L/C/29/H/24

Date: 1931 - 1931

Life assurance certificate for Mrs Ethel Matthews from Standard Life Assurance Company

Reference: L/C/29/H/3

Date: September 16th 1931 - September 16th 1931

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