Note of an action between Daniel Messervy and Jean Picot concerning payment of rentes

Reference: L/C/67/F1/16

Date: August 17th 1754 - August 17th 1754

Note concerning the arrest of Jean Nicolle for non-payment of rentes

Reference: L/C/67/F1/19

Date: August 17th 1754 - August 17th 1754

Account of Daniel Messervy with Jean Benest for wines and spirits

Reference: L/C/67/F1/24

Date: February 11th 1774 - January 25th 1775

Documents concernng the dècret of Philippe Bandinel and a dispute involving the payment of rentes to Daniel Messervy

Reference: L/C/67/F1/26

Date: October 9th 1764 - October 7th 1766

Action and agreement between Elie Dumaresq son and principal heir of the late Elie Dumaresq and Francoise de Carteret his wife who was heir in part of Philippe de Carteret and Charles Lempriere on behalf of his wife, Daniel Messervy principal heir of his Grandmother de la Riviere de Carteret and David Bandinel on behalf of his wife

Reference: L/C/67/F1/27

Date: September 5th 1747 - August 20th 1748

Copies of acts of Court concerning the payment of rentes to Daniel Messervy

Reference: L/C/67/F1/3

Date: January 24th 1752 - May 12th 1752

Letter from Charles Lempriere, London, to Daniel Messervy concerning a list of prizes brought by Charles D'Auvergne and commenting on Messervy's daughter

Reference: L/C/67/F1/38

Date: March 8th 1759 - March 8th 1759

Account of Daniel Messervy with George Le Feuvre - includes lead and oil

Reference: L/C/67/F1/4

Date: June 18th 1741 - October 27th 1841

Exchange of 6 shares between Daniel Messervy and Captain Jean Le Gros. Messervy exchanges 6 shares in the Corsaire Le Burnett for 6 shares in the Corsaire St Anthoine.

Reference: L/C/67/F1/41

Date: June 29th 1759 - June 29th 1759

Letter from James d'Auvergne, Horse Guards to Daniel Messervy making an appointment for Messervy to meet with Lord Granville

Reference: L/C/67/F1/44

Date: July 6th 1758 - July 6th 1758

Agreement between Daniel Le Preveu, Commander of the Corsaire La Sara and Daniel Messervy. Le Preveu exchanges 4 shares in La Sara with Messervy for 4 shares in the Earl Granville

Reference: L/C/67/F1/45

Date: August 25th 1757 - August 25th 1757

Letter from Daniel Messervy to the Lieutenant Bailiff asking him to find a paper amongst the Court registers

Reference: L/C/67/F1/47

Date: October 12th 1756 - October 12th 1756

Account of Daniel Messervy with Guilleaume Patriarche

Reference: L/C/67/F1/6

Date: 1758 - 1758

Notes signed by Charles Marett, Deputy Vicomte indicating that he has arrested Jean Nicolle who will appear in Court against Daniel Messervy the next Saturday

Reference: L/C/67/F1/7

Date: August 16th 1754 - August 16th 1754

Account between Philippe Hamond and Daniel Messervy

Reference: L/C/67/F1/8

Date: April 20th 1744 - April 20th 1744

Note of an action between Jean Picot by right of his wife, daughter of Jean Laurens and Daniel Messervy procureur of Sara Messervy - Jean Picot is sent to prison

Reference: L/C/67/F1/9

Date: June 22nd 1750 - August 16th 1754

Pipon Family Papers - Bundle 11, includes; extracts from the Royal Courts, accounts of Daniel Messervy with Jacques Thoreau, copy of the partage des héritages of John Bisson, copy of the partage des héritage of Sara de Carteret, accounts of Daniel Norman with Thomas Knight, Smith and rentes due to Daniel Valpy dit Janvrin

Reference: L/C/67/F11

Date: 1604 - 1757

Pipon Family Papers - Bundle 12, includes; extracts from the Royal Courts, papers concerning the dower of Francoise Marie St Paul widow of Charles de Carteret, lease of a house from Daniel Messervy to Elie Nicolle, copy of the appointment of George Howard as Lieutenant Governor of Jersey, letter from Peter Patriarche, Merchant to Thomas Pipon, papers of Charles de Carteret and papers of Daniel Messervy

Reference: L/C/67/F12

Date: 1700 - 1750

Pipon Family Papers - Bundle 13, includes; extracts from the Royal Courts, papers concerning the criminal case of Jean Talon, papers of Daniel Messervy, measurement of the land of the late Daniel Valpy dit Janvrin, account concerning the succession of the movable goods of Judith Janvrin and account of the estate of the late Philippe Messervy

Reference: L/C/67/F13

Date: 1660 - 1748

Pipon Family Papers - Bundle 14, includes; extracts from the Royal Courts, papers of Daniel Messervy including an account for red wine from Bordeaux, account of Mr Sharpe in the case between de Carteret and Pipon, papers of Anne Messervy, will of Philippe Messervy, letter from Daniel Pipon in Boston to Daniel Messervy, letters of Sarah Messervy, account of the children of Francois and Aaron Messervy and Jean Cabot with Martin de Gruchy, inventory of the moveable goods of Daniel Messervy, accounts and bills between Daniel Messervy and Philippe Patriarche and rental of Daniel Messervy

Reference: L/C/67/F14

Date: 1500 - 1775

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