Share certificate issued to Walter Philip Picot of Beech Farm St John the owner of 200 shares in the Santa Maria Consolidated Oil Fields Limited at 8s each.

Reference: L/C/125/C39/7

Date: February 4th 1920 - February 4th 1920

Testament of Walter Philip Picot of Garth Cottage Birches Avenue St Saviour, dated 04/11/1953. He leaves all real property to his wife Kathleen Picot née Adderson, and makes provision for his heirs and their children.

Reference: L/C/125/C39/8

Date: November 4th 1953 - November 4th 1953

Probate of Walter Philip Picot of Garth Cottage St Saviour, includes a photocopy of a testament dated 17/05/1952

Reference: L/C/125/C39/9

Date: April 4th 1967 - April 4th 1967

Document relating to the succession of the late Harriet Picot and seigneurial rights of the principal heir Walter Philip Picot, signed by co-heirs Helier Vibert, P Falla procurer of Mary Jane Picot, Heber Picot, and Henry Picot

Reference: L/C/125/C41/1

Date: September 5th 1917 - September 5th 1917

Joint statement of wishes to be carried out in the event of death, made by Maria Ann Picot and Emily Picot. Herbert Falla and Walter Picot are named as executors and joint bequests are made to charities, sums of money and personal and household items are left to individual family members

Reference: L/C/125/C44/3

Date: August 20th 1904 - August 20th 1904

Dance card for the Jersey Staff of the London and South Western Railway Company dance at Bree's Hotel annoted with the name W.P.Picot and the names of dance partners as well as a printed score sheet for Bridge. [original pencil attached]

Reference: L/C/125/D2/5

Date: February 12th 1914 - February 12th 1914

Dance card for a Municipal Whist Drive and Dance in aid of the Constable of St Helier's Charity Fund, the name of WP Picot is written inside [original pencil attached]

Reference: L/C/125/D2/6

Date: February 19th 1914 - February 19th 1914

Dance card for an event at the Royal Hall with the words 'W.P.P I might say,' written across the cover [original pencil included]

Reference: L/C/125/D2/9

Date: January 5th 1920 - January 5th 1920

Research notes by Robin Cox includes; sale contract for Gordon le Brocq Gibaut and Walter Philip Picot 20th January 1952, sale contract for Alec Boyer and William Prouse 19th Janaury 1963, sale contract for William Thomas Scarborough and Garnet Briard, contract for Gerarld Winter and Alfred Le Brocq, sale contract between Thomas Henry Sauve and Mary Wheeler 19th June 1970, contract between Kenneth Horn and Raoul Lempriere, contracts from the year 1905, sale contract fdor Philippe le Geyt and Milton James Le Feuvre 7th April 1900, contract between George William Rogers in favour of Lyndon Rive 23rd February 1952, contract between Anthony Gouyette in favour of Alfred le Brocq 1961, sale contract for Francis Becquet and Charles Edward Simon 1938, sale contract for Raoul Lempriere and Adrien Eugene le Garsmeur 28th June 1952, contract between Gerald Ernest Winter, Josephine Wittenbecher in favour of Alfred Le Brocq 19th January 1963, sale contract for Francis Richard Le Mettez and Benjamin Thomas Ord 2nd July 1955, sale contract between Stanley Ramond Balfe and Violet Louise Forgeard 1st December 1972,

Reference: L/C/152/131

Date: 1900 - 1970

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