Accord between Jean Pipon and Josué Ballaine, Philippe Syvret and Philippe Barbier the four proprietors of a meadow in the Val de la Mare, St Ouen

Reference: L/C/65/C4/21

Date: August 20th 1807 - August 20th 1807

Letter from Jean Pipon, Constable of St Peter to the Bailiff and Royal Court concerning an accident on the public roads that occurred to Marie Asplet the was the fault of the carter of Mr Thompson

Reference: L/C/65/C4/24

Date: September 9th 1809 - September 9th 1809

Action between Jacque Remon constable of St Brelade and Jean Pipon Constable of St Peter concerning partition of vraic collected from La Pulente Harbour between the two parishes - not dated

Reference: L/C/65/C4/26

Date: 1805 - 1810

Letter from Jean Pipon, Constable of St Peter to Jean Dumaresq, Lieutenant Bailiff and the Royal Court concerning the case against Jean Alexandre in which he adopted a menacing manner on the public roads

Reference: L/C/65/C4/30

Date: June 30th 1810 - June 30th 1810

Notes from Jean Pipon, La Hague to David Crasard asking him to visit Mr Hemery, the Justicier concerning the funeral of the Seigneur of La Hague - not dated

Reference: L/C/65/C4/41

Date: January 13th 1811 - January 13th 1811

Letter from J Dumaresq to Jean Pipon, La Hague apologising that he will not be able to attend the gentlemen of the parish to the Coin Varin - not dated

Reference: L/C/65/C4/42

Date: 1810 - 1815

Statement of the account of Jean Pipon with George Harvey for crockery

Reference: L/C/65/C4/43

Date: June 20th 1812 - June 20th 1812

Account of Jean Pipon with Henry Sameday for 2 ladies sadles

Reference: L/C/65/C4/44

Date: July 1st 1812 - April 20th 1813

Letter from Jean Pipon, Constable of St Peter to Sir concerning the appointment of the Chaplain of the troops at St Peter's Barracks - not dated

Reference: L/C/65/C4/45

Date: 1810 - 1815

Letter from George Don, Lieutenant General to John Pipon concerning the appointment of the Chaplain to the troops in St Peter's Barracks being the responsibility of the Chaplain General of HM Forces, Reverend Owen

Reference: L/C/65/C4/46

Date: December 6th 1813 - December 6th 1813

Bail à fin d'Héritage between Reverend George Balleine, Rector of St Peter, Jean Renouf Centenier of St Peter of the first party and Jean Pipon son of Thomas of the second party. Records the lease in perpetuity from 1 to 2 of the Rectory of St Peter and land in St Peter, Fief de la Hague for the sum of 38 quartiers 7 cabots of wheat of rente. Registered Livre 120 folio 129

Reference: L/C/65/C4/51

Date: November 8th 1815 - November 8th 1815

Letter from R Valpy to John Pipon, La Hague, St Peter concerning the application to Lord Buckinghamshire on behalf of Pipon's brother and family news

Reference: L/C/65/C4/52

Date: May 31st 1806 - May 31st 1806

Extract from the Baptism Register of St Peter recording the baptism of Thomas Le Breton son of Jean Pipon and Jeanne Le Breton his wife signed by George Balleine, Rector

Reference: L/C/65/C4/57

Date: November 7th 1818 - November 7th 1818

Vente de Rente between Jean Piton son of Jean of the first party and Charles Philippe Le Cornu son of Philippe of the second party. Records the sale from 1 to 2 of 3 sixtonniers of wheat of rente for the sum of £1 10s. Registered Livre 262 folio 206

Reference: L/C/65/D4/13

Date: May 13th 1876 - May 13th 1876

Record of the meeting of the Comite des Chemins at the top of the Ruelle du Presbitère to hear the reasons of those who opposed the demand of Jean Pipon to close and appropriate the road called Mont au Chêne which passes the road to the south of the property of Jeanne Le Breton - not dated

Reference: L/C/65/F/3

Date: 1811 - 1811

Copy of the Act of the Comite des Chemins, St Peter concerning the proposition of Jean Pipon relating to Mont du De Veulle

Reference: L/C/65/F/5

Date: June 1st 1821 - June 1st 1821

Letter from Philip Pipon, Jersey to Jean Pipon, London concerning business transactions and the departure of Jean Hamptone for New England

Reference: L/C/67/C2/13

Date: April 5th 1705 - April 5th 1705

Letter from Philip Pipon, Hamptone to Jean Pipon, Lisbon concerning business transactions, his wife's illness with smallpox, and the account of Mr Camfield

Reference: L/C/67/C2/14

Date: September 1st 1705 - September 1st 1705

Letter from Philip Pipon, Jersey to Jean Pipon, concerning Mr Camfield's account

Reference: L/C/67/C2/15

Date: June 27th 1706 - June 27th 1706

Letter from Jean Pipon to his brother concerning the journey of Thomas Durel to England and the possible appointment of a new vicomte

Reference: L/C/67/C2/19

Date: December 7th 1713 - December 7th 1713

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