Invitation to Jersey - accommodation advertising brochure

Reference: D/AS/C/5

Date: 1972 - 1972

Accommodation File 106 - Play D'or Hotel [known as the Beau Rivage Hotel until 1967]

Reference: D/AS/W1/106

Date: January 1st 1951 - December 31st 1999

Accommodation File 41 - files containing correspondence with and about the Beau Rivage Hotel

Reference: D/AS/W1/41

Date: January 1st 1954 - July 11th 2003

Accommodation file 410 - Beau Rivage [Pontac]

Reference: D/AS/W1/410

Date: May 21st 1951 - January 1st 1953

Lists of buildings, including houses, bungalows, garages, shops, hotels, sheds and huts, requisitioned by the German Authorities. Listed in order of parish they include, name of property, owner, date of requisitioning and date of de-requistioning - Parish of St Brelade, Page 22

Reference: D/Z/K27/10/29

Date: 1940 - 1945

Drawings by Grayson and Le Sueur for alterations to La Fontaine and The Myrtles, Pontac

Reference: L/A/37/A1/364

Date: 1947 - 1973

Drawings by Grayson and Le Sueur for work on the staff quarters at the Beau Rivage Hotel

Reference: L/A/37/A1/365

Date: 1947 - 1973

Jersey Evening Post Article : A pictorial quiz showing hotels from the tourism boom days taken from a local brochure from 1972. Can you identify them?

Reference: US/1388

Date: 1972

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