Prisoners register index, includes; date of trial, name of prisoner and offence. Entries for inmates with surname beginning with M have been indexed. To find date and offence open the attached PDF. Further case information can be found in the Magistrates Causes Criminelles registers - D/Y/N4 or the Poursuite Criminelles registers - D/Y/G1

Reference: D/AG/B2/1/M

Date: 1814 - 1936

Transportation Register, includes; name, age, description of crime, sentence, previous convictions, character, parents, married/single, if the convict can read/write, trade, Chaplain's remarks, Surgeon's remarks and general remarks. Entry for Charles Henry Pollard alias Christopher Patrick McCarthy, aged 36, for Burglary and arson.

Reference: D/AG/B6/1/61f

Date: December 15th 1923 - July 17th 1937

Papers concerning Charles Henry Pollard, alias Christopher Patrick McCarthy, Born 1900, sentenced to 3 years for a crime of arson and theft and sent to Winchester Prison

Reference: D/AV/A2/12

Date: January 12th 1937 - February 23rd 1937

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