Disallowance by the Privy Council of the Jersey Taxation Act

Reference: A/D1/A1/8

Date: February 10th 1865 - October 5th 1866

Papers relating to various charity and memorial appeals, including the British Legion, the Seamans Hospital Society, and the Kennedy Memorial Appeal, also includes appeals to HM in council

Reference: A/D1/A15

Date: May 1st 1907 - January 13th 1965

Papers and correspondence relating to the constitutional reform of the States of Jersey, includes the Report of the Privy Council, 1947

Reference: A/D1/J14

Date: April 5th 1924 - August 12th 1958

Newscuttings and correspondence concerning the visit of the Privy Council Commission and the reform of the States of Jersey

Reference: A/D1/P19

Date: June 15th 1946 - March 4th 1947

Correspondence concerning an appeal by an individual to the Privy Council

Reference: A/D1/R5

Date: February 22nd 1936 - August 14th 1936

Petition and related correspondence from Philip Larbalestier and George Luce, manufacturers of eau-de-cologne and perfumes to the Queen in Council regarding the duty to be paid wines and spirits imported to Jersey

Reference: A/D3/15

Date: April 25th 1885 - July 15th 1885

Petition and related correspondence from Henry Charles Bertram of Grouville to Queen Victoria requesting an inquiry into his unjust treatment by the Administrators of the Impôts

Reference: A/D3/16

Date: September 13th 1886 - February 10th 1887

Petition and related correspondence from Jean Gibaut to the Privy Council regarding a fine of £75 on him for not declaring spirits and his subsequent imprisonment

Reference: A/D3/22

Date: October 30th 1889 - November 30th 1889

Correspondence relating to a petition from Philip Esnouf asking for leave to appeal in the case of Esnouf V HM Attorney General to the Privy Council

Reference: A/D3/7

Date: February 20th 1883 - March 20th 1883

Case papers of the Privy Council case concerning three Orders in Council and the petitions of Edward Nicolle

Reference: A/J/11

Date: March 11th 1853 - March 11th 1853

Printed copy of Privy Council case regarding the exercise by the Lieutenant Governor of his negative voice [veto] in regard to an Act of the States relating to the postponement of the selection of a site for a lunatic asylum

Reference: A/J/7

Date: July 26th 1861 - July 26th 1861

Papers relating to a bestiality case concerning Marie Francoise Daniel, which occasioned a petition from the States of Jersey to the Privy Council regarding the registration of Royal Warrants in the Royal Court in Jersey before their execution

Reference: A/J/8

Date: November 1st 1889 - January 12th 1891

Correspondence concerning the proposed Act of Transmission to the Privy Council of the 45 laws passed by the States of Jersey during the German occupation

Reference: B/A/L34/1

Date: May 18th 1945 - June 19th 1945

Transcript of evidence given before the Privy Council Committee on proposed reforms in the Channel Islands, 1946.

Reference: B/C/02/1

Date: 1946 - 1946

Observations of the Royal Court of His Majesty George III relating to the proposition of establishing Trials by Juries in the Island

Reference: B/D/A/P15/2/1

Date: 1787 - 1787

In the Privy Council on Appeal from the Royal Court of Jersey Thomas Philippe La Cloche Appellant and the Viscount of Jersey as the Official Representative of the Estate of Thomas La Cloche deceased-Case of the Appellant

Reference: B/D/A/P15/2/10

Date: 1862 - 1862

In the Privy Council on Appeal from the Royal Court of Jersey between Bertram Godfrey Falle Appellant and Albina Godfrey Respondent. Case of the Appellant

Reference: B/D/A/P15/2/11

Date: 1886 - 1886

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