Prisoners register index, includes; date of trial, name of prisoner and offence. Entries for inmates with surname beginning with R have been indexed. To find date and offence open the attached PDF. Further case information can be found in the Magistrates Causes Criminelles registers - D/Y/N4 or the Poursuite Criminelles registers - D/Y/G1

Reference: D/AG/B2/1/R

Date: 1814 - 1936

Volume of Annual Returns from individual island schools. The names of theattending children are recorded along with attendance summaries, inspectors reports, accounts, examination results and the names of teachers and pupil teachers. This volume has been indexed by name of person mentioned. The volume can be viewed at the Archive to access extra detail.

Reference: D/J/A/14

Date: 1889 - 1889

Copy from the District Probate Registry, Manchester of the Will and Testament of George Roberts, of 15, Sealand Drive, Peel Green, Eccles, Lancashire and formerly of 110, Muralla Crescent, Raymond Terrace, New South Wales, Australia. Dated 30/06/1958. [Includes three closed documents]

Reference: D/Y/B1/150/31

Date: October 7th 1970 - October 7th 1970

Volume of Copy Testaments. Contains an index to all testaments and copies of all testaments with grants of probate (post 1949) (Volume 71 - Numbers 498/70 - 704/70)

Reference: D/Y/B2/36

Date: August 26th 1970 - December 10th 1970

Cour du Samedi Register. The Samedi Court is the general business court in the island and covers a wide range of matters. These include bankruptcy records, naturalisations, deed polls, licensing and professional registrations. Prior to 1797 some criminal cases can be found in this court. There has never been an Admiralty court in Jersey but the Cour du Samedi would sit in such cases if needed. This volume has been indexed by name but to date the records are not able to be accessed online.

Reference: D/Y/F1/224

Date: September 12th 1905 - April 27th 1907

Marriage Register of the St Helier Town Church - George Roberts, 22 and Helena Jane Le Maistre, 27

Reference: G/C/03/A3/16/130

Date: October 1st 1885

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