Correspondence between Hedley G Luce, Solicitor, 6, Hill Street; H Le Riche Edwards, Greffier of the States; C W Binet, 12 Hill Street and the Sub-committee of the Public Instruction Committee regarding repairs, the lease and purchase of Mont Cantel from Raoul Charles Robin

Reference: D/AP/E/4

Date: March 19th 1936 - April 14th 1936

Correspondence and papers relating to the petition of Yvonne Riley to be permitted to surrender to her son, Major Raoul Charles Robin, the Fief Haubert of Rozel and the Fief of Dielament

Reference: D/Z/H5/470

Date: September 29th 1945 - March 9th 1948

Vente cession and abandonment of seigneurial rights between Mabel Eliza Burnham wife of Henry James Richard Underhill separated as to property of the first party and Hedley George Luce procureur of Yvonne Lempriere wife of Christopher John Molesworth Riley and tutrice of Raoul Charles Robin Seigneur of the Fief and Seigneurie of Grainville of the other party. Relates to the property known as Burnhill sold to Alfred Le Gresley, 2 abandons segneurial rights in the name of the said Raoul Charles Robin for the sum of £35 livres 8s: Registered Livre 422 folio 82

Reference: L/C/325/A2/17

Date: August 25th 1934 - August 25th 1934

Cession et Abandon of Seigneurial rights between Reginald Raoul Lempriere, tuteur of Raoul Charles Robin, Seigneur of the Fief de Grainville of the first party and Archibald Joseph Verini, secretary of St Clement's Housing Association Limited of the second party. Recites the purchase of 1, Rochebey, Fief de Grainville, by the St Clement's Housing Association Limited on 17/09/1927. Records the sale and abandonment by 1 to 2 of all Seigneurial rights for the sum of £43 10s sterling. Registered Book 390 folio 101

Reference: L/D/19/C1/15

Date: September 17th 1927 - September 17th 1927

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