Airport Staff - correspondence with Charles Roche former States Controller of the Airport who requests to return to Jersey

Reference: B/A/L7/2

Date: May 10th 1945 - May 21st 1945

Will and Testament of George Le Masurier, 3 Canon Street, St Helier, seaman on board the brig Heb. Dated 5 June 1885.

Reference: D/Y/A/65/61

Date: July 2nd 1906 - July 2nd 1906

Contact Sheet 16 from Red Contact File 20 of the Jersey Evening Post (JEP) Photographic Archive. The Contact Sheets contain images of the strips of negatives found in the Red Contact File, include notes, Jersey Weekly Post references, and date from 1947.

Reference: L/A/75/A4/20/CS16

Date: 1947-05 - 1947-05

Images of Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery, 1st Viscount Montgomery of Alamein as he arrived at Jersey Airport and was introduced to the Lieutenant Bailiff Mr E P Le Masurier, Jurat P N Gallichan, Brigadier R M H Lewis, John du Val, Constable of St Peter, Charles Roche, Airport Controller, Commander J M Keene-Miller, British European Airways, and Major H M Fraser. Monty was visiting the Island for Empire Day celebrations in 1947 [see JWP 24/5/1947 and JEP 26/5/1947 p 1 and 3]. The images were produced from the negatives depicted in Contact Sheet 16 of Red Contact File 20 from the Jersey Evening Post (JEP) Photographic Archive.

Reference: L/A/75/A4/20/CS16/2

Date: May 23rd 1947 - May 26th 1947

[Copy from the National Archive - Not to be reproduced.] British government documents related to the investigation of the deportations of British subjects from the Channel Islands in September 1942, and the prosecution of the responsible German officers for War Crimes. This was lodged with the United Nations War Crimes Commission as case UK G/B 19. The file includes a statement of charges against Colonel Knackfuss and unnamed other German officers, and letters from island deportees used in evidence.. The file also includes: Affidavit of Charles Roche, of Jersey Affidavit of Lt. Colonel Frederick Brousson, RA, retd., of Guernsey, [National Archive - reference TS 26/197]

Reference: L/F/437/A9/1

Date: April 21st 1944 - May 31st 1945

Episodes three and four of the Channel Islands Educational Broadcasting Service series 'Memories of the Occupation'. Episode three includes: German Officer interviews Lily with a view to billeting troops on her; Operation Anger (1st leg) - 2nd Lieutenant Hubert Nicolle summoned to the admiralty and briefed to make a one-man reconnaissance of Guernsey; Operation Anger (2nd leg) - 2nd Lieutenant Philip Martel and 2nd Lieutenant Desmond Mulholland land in Guernsey to act as guides for a commando raid, Operation Ambassador; Martel and Mulholland surrender to the Germans with the help of Sherwill; Lily talks about billeting, the situation on Alderney and Commando raids; Gunther describes the billeting of his unit. First broadcast on 09/10/1980. Episode four includes: Sherwill and his wife May discuss repercussions of Commando raids and the attempt to rescue Martel and Mulholland by Sergeant Stanley Ferbrache; Raymond Falla and John Jouault on joint food purchasing mission to Granville; return visit of Hubert Nicolle with 2nd Lieutenant James Symes to gather information about the general situation; Lily and family celebrate the new year with neighbour Reg Taylor; night patrols as a punishment for sabotage; Lily talks about Commando raids, reprisals, the Battle of Britain, food rationing, medical supplies, subversive literature, Charles Roche in Jersey, Raymond Falla, new year 1941, propaganda, and sabotage; Gunther talks about escapes to England, British spies, confiscations of wireless sets, the curfew, and John Leale. First broadcast on 16/10/1980

Reference: R/03/H/2

Date: October 9th 1980 - October 16th 1980

Episodes five and six of the Channel Islands Educational Broadcasting Service series 'Memories of the Occupation'. Episode five includes: Mrs Winifred Green refuses to say 'Heil Hitler' for a portion of rice pudding; Mrs Lilian Kinnard and Kathleen Le Normand imprisoned in Caen (with Mrs Green) for making 'V' signs in Jersey; Lily, Bert and neighbour Reg enjoy a cup of black market tea and discuss a raid on the Casquests, Red Cross letters, and the Channel Islands Society formed on the mainland by evacuees; raid on the Casquests, 'Operation Dryad' led by Major March-Philips; deportation of English-born residents; the narrator talks about food problems, sabotage, 'V' signs, and Mrs Green; Lily talks about the confiscation of wireless sets, fortifications, the treatment of members of the Organization Todt, clothing coupons, entertainment, and alternative foods; Gunther talks about the Organization Todt, fortifications, Mirus Battery, and RAF bombings. First broadcast on 30/10/1980. Episode six includes: Island cows myseriously die in pairs, providing one way of overcoming food problems; Commando raid on Sark - 'Operation Basalt' led by Major Geoffrey Appleyard; the Guernsey Underground News Service (GUNS); meeting between Lily and Gunther - he is going back to Germany; further deportations of English residents, including Robert Hathaway and Major Sherwill; the narrator talks about the raid on the Casquests and the deportation of 2000 English-born residents; Lily talks about the deportations, food problems, the Commando raid on Sark, reprisals for the raid, and GUNS; Gunther talks about the raid on Sark and its repercussions. First broacast on 06/11/1980.

Reference: R/03/H/3

Date: October 30th 1980 - November 6th 1980

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