Papers relating to judicial reform and changes in the structure of the Royal Court

Reference: A/D2/2

Date: June 3rd 1864 - January 15th 1867

Petition and related correspondence from Henry Edward Le Vavasseur dit Durell , advocate of the Royal Court and Messers R S Taylor Son and Humbert of Gray's Inn, London, Solicitors, on behalf of Philip Gosset to the Secretary for State of the Home Department regarding the trial of Philip Gosset who was convicted of embezzlement

Reference: A/D3/18

Date: May 10th 1887 - February 13th 1893

Correspondence relating to the petition of Jean Marie Louis Bardoul to the Secretary of States regarding his conviction for Incendiarism at the Royal Court

Reference: A/D3/28

Date: October 5th 1895 - November 4th 1895

Correspondence relating to a letter from Percival Hills, 67, Rouge Bouillon, St Helier to the right honourable H J Gladstone MP regarding the jurisdiction of the Jersey Court

Reference: A/D3/35

Date: November 1st 1909 - November 19th 1909

Correspondence relating to a petition from Mr J E Pinel to the Secretary of States regarding the administration of justice in Jersey

Reference: A/D3/36

Date: April 21st 1910 - May 13th 1910

Petition and related correspondence from George Philip Crill, Belle Rive, Le Hocq, St Clement to the King's Most Excellent Majesty in Council regarding his election as a jurat of the Royal Court

Reference: A/D3/37

Date: August 16th 1912 - July 24th 1914

Correspondence relating to a petition brought to the Royal Court by Charles Hamon, ship master against the Jersey Mercantile Insurance Society for Shipping and the complaint by Charles Hamon to the Secretary of State, Home Office in the delay of the hearing at the Royal Court

Reference: A/D3/4

Date: June 12th 1876 - March 13th 1877

Petition of C G Lethbridge, merchant to the Secretary of State regarding his conviction in the Royal Court

Reference: A/D3/8

Date: March 3rd 1883 - September 1st 1884

Correspondence relating to the petition of Samuel Le Riche to the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury asking for the remission or reduction of a fine imposed by the Royal Court

Reference: A/D3/9

Date: September 27th 1883 - December 14th 1883

Papers relating to a bestiality case concerning Marie Francoise Daniel, which occasioned a petition from the States of Jersey to the Privy Council regarding the registration of Royal Warrants in the Royal Court in Jersey before their execution

Reference: A/J/8

Date: November 1st 1889 - January 12th 1891

Applicants with surnames beginning with the letters M and N - Helier De Carteret Mourant

Reference: B/A/L42/10/431

Date: 1943 - 1945

Applicants with surnames beginning with the letters I, J, K, and L - Sydney Raoul Lempriere

Reference: B/A/L42/8/439

Date: December 20th 1943 - December 20th 1943

Applicants with surnames beginning with the letters I, J, K, and L - Richard Durnford Lloyd

Reference: B/A/L42/8/527

Date: December 30th 1943 - December 30th 1943

Arrival of the Motor Vehicles Purchasing Commission of the Central Foreign Dept. Military Order for the purchase of Motor Vehicles, dated 27/09/1940. List of Jersey Post Office Vans. Correspondence with the Department of Transport and Communications, re. specific cars. Payment for requisitioned vehicles.

Reference: B/A/W40/1/3

Date: September 27th 1940 - September 16th 1943

Comparison of prices of articles in daily use and all kinds of foodstuffs, before the occupation and in 1941. Includes detailed list of items and foodstuffs with prices. Correspondence re. the sale of second hand goods and bartering. Monthly reports giving details of any persons convicted for selling goods at above the controlled price. See also B/A/W30/127

Reference: B/A/W41/10

Date: March 13th 1941 - July 21st 1944

Correspondence relating to the postponement of the Assize d'Héritage dinner that His Majesty offers the Royal Court and certain Seigneurs, during the war. Includes an Act stating that the 'Chefs Plaids d'Héritage' will not sit unless there is an appeal to judge. See also: B/A/W76

Reference: B/A/W46/1

Date: September 12th 1939 - September 12th 1940

Royal Court - materials

Reference: B/A/W76

Contracts to be written on paper due to shortages of parchment

Reference: B/A/W76/1

Date: December 9th 1941 - December 17th 1941

Paper for a book to be made for the Royal Court

Reference: B/A/W76/2

Date: March 16th 1943 - March 16th 1943

Note by the Bailiff on the proposed reforms in the Royal Court and the States of Jersey sent to the Home Office

Reference: B/A/W91/53

Date: June 4th 1946 - June 4th 1946

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