Survey of St Helier Churches and Chapels, includes; a brief history of Christianity in Jersey, a map showing the position of churches and chapels in inner St Helier, a table of the surviving Religious Buildings in Jersey with details of name, place, date opened, denomination and notes, photographs of the buildings, both recent and historic prints and a short history of some of them.

Reference: D/W/M2/5

Date: 1998 - 1998

Railings Survey, June/July 1998; appears to contain some pages and photographs from the earlier Ironworks Survey, 1995 [see D/W/M2/7] and further photographs of railings and ironwork details on various properties, negatives and a brief history of wrought iron and cast iron development.

Reference: D/W/M2/9

Date: 1995 - 1998-07

Testament of Julia Le Couteur, St Helier. Dated 17 October 1905. Bequeaths to the Jersey Female Orphans Home £10; to the Home for Infirm & Aged Women £10; to Dr Barnardos Home £10; to the British & Foreign Bible Society £10 and to the Presbyterian Church, Midvale Road £10.

Reference: D/Y/A/64/98

Date: November 7th 1905 - November 7th 1905

Testament of Ada Mary Le Cras, 81 Egerton Place, Rouge Bouillon, St Helier, spinster. Dated 4 April 1923. Bequeaths to Dr Barnardos Homes £100, half for the Jersey Branch and half for the general purposes fund; to the Presbyterian Church, Midvale Road £200; to The Jersey Blind Society £50. Codicil added 10 May 1923 Codicil added 24 April 1923 Codicil added 17 May 1923 Codicil added 30 May 1923. Bequeaths to Mrs Aubert the book entitled "The Greatest Thing in the World". Codicil added 17 March 1924 Codicl added 7 August 1924

Reference: D/Y/A/84/102

Date: September 8th 1924 - September 8th 1924

Testament of Elizabeth Le Bas Hubert née Carrel, 15 Trinity Road, St Helier. Dated 8 October 1926. Bequeaths a third of the residue of her personal property to the Presbyterian Church, Midvale Road.

Reference: D/Y/A/87/76

Date: May 9th 1927 - May 9th 1927

Will and Testament of George Elijah Croad, of 39, Colomberie, St Helier and later of Sunny Croft, Bagatelle Road, St Saviour. Bequeaths to his daughter Izett Christine Croad, all the stock in trade, books, furniture, effects and good will of his undertaker business of 35 and 39, Colomberie; to the Presbyterian Church, Midvale Road, Jersey, £100. Dated 12/09/1952. Codicil Added 24/10/1955. Second Codicil Added 27/01/1959. [Includes one closed document]

Reference: D/Y/B1/64/22

Date: May 10th 1961 - May 10th 1961


Reference: J/H/A

Session Minute Book

Reference: J/H/A/1

Date: June 13th 1853 - April 22nd 1870

Session Minute Book

Reference: J/H/A/2

Date: May 6th 1870 - February 16th 1898

Session Minute Book

Reference: J/H/A/3

Date: March 2nd 1898 - January 1st 1939

Communicants' Roll Book

Reference: J/H/B/1

Date: 1925 - 1956

Communicants' Roll Book [Communicants listed to 1982 - attested in 1983]

Reference: J/H/B/2

Date: 1956 - 1983

Death Certificates

Reference: J/H/C1

Death certificate of Louisa Clarence Binckes

Reference: J/H/C1/1

Date: March 24th 1938 - March 24th 1938

Death certificate of George Bernard Brown Rankin

Reference: J/H/C1/10

Date: April 30th 1940 - April 30th 1940

Death certificate of Christina Robertson, wife of David McInroy

Reference: J/H/C1/11

Date: August 17th 1940 - August 17th 1940

Death certificate of Alice Maud Mary Rive, wife of Alfred Henry Hubert

Reference: J/H/C1/12

Date: January 22nd 1941 - January 22nd 1941

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