Will and Testament of James Renouf Williams, son of James John, of The Cedars, 26, Green Street, St Helier. Bequeaths to the Royal Masonic Institution for Girls, £300; to St John Parish Church, £50 for the upkeep of his parents grave; to St Clement's Parish Church, £50 for the upkeep of his grave; to the St Clement's branch of the Association of Workers for the Waifs and Strays Society, £100; to Marguerite Trachy, his Midland Bank presentation clock, the set of Tallboys, the ovel panel wardrobe, all silver spoons of the 'Williams' family. Dated 01/04/1958. [Includes one closed document]

Reference: D/Y/B1/54/6

Date: April 3rd 1959 - April 3rd 1959

Will and Testament of Jane Eliza Romeril, daughter of Philippe Josué, widow of John Le Couteur, son of John, son of Edouard, native of St John and living near St John's Church. Bequeaths to Philippe Josué Romeril Junior, a piece of land measuring 2 vergees, 6 perches and 3 pieds in the Clos du Milieu and a close called Le Clos du Petit Castelet, both in St John; to Arthur John Le Maistre, a house called The Woods in St John. Dated 06/12/1941. [Includes one closed document]

Reference: D/Y/B1/62/58

Date: January 24th 1961 - January 24th 1961

The Church of Saint John Jersey. Proposed vestry and heating plant. Scale one eighth inch to one foot. Adopted at the Parish meeting... North elevation. East Elevation. Plan of heating chamber

Reference: D/Y/Q4/102

Date: August 3rd 1935 - September 2nd 1935

Proposed suspended concrete floor and guard wall to be erected at St John's Church Jersey for proposed sound system. Scale one inch to one foot. Plan drawing, and rough sketch

Reference: D/Y/Q4/118

Date: November 12th 1938 - December 12th 1938

St John's Church, Jersey, Channel Islands. Sketch of altar with reredos and riddel posts, also benches for communicants. Proposed re-planning of the chancel and choir, plan of the altar and choir stalls. Design for proposed new choir stalls of oak. Three plan drawings

Reference: D/Y/Q4/119

Date: January 5th 1940 - January 5th 1940

Tracing only of design for window in St John's Church Jersey with inscription, in memory of the Romeril family. Scale one inch to one foot. Depicts the baptism of our Lord, the ascension, confirmation and pentecost. Coloured drawing possibly in ink and watercolour

Reference: D/Y/Q4/122

Date: May 10th 1946 - May 14th 1946

St John's Church, Jersey. Revised plan of proposed rearrangement and accommodation. Scale 8 feet to 1 inch

Reference: D/Y/Q4/52

Date: 1923-01 - April 23rd 1923

Faculty sketch for a window at St John's Church, Jersey. Coloured drawing of a proposed design by Henry Thomas Bosdet for a stained glass window depicting the Lamb of God. Includes the inscription To the Glory of God and as a Thank Offering from the Reverend of St John, E St John Nicolle, of this Parish during 34 years, and his wife Ada R Le Boutillier. Approved by the Restoration Committee [possibly in ink and watercolour]

Reference: D/Y/Q4/61

Date: 1926 - January 18th 1926

Act of the Comité des Surveillance des Grandes Routes relating to the road near St John's Church

Reference: F/E/C11/8

Date: October 10th 1906 - October 10th 1906

Estimate supplied to Herbert Falla Constable of St John by Edmund Berteau States Engineer, relates to a change to the main road near St John's Church

Reference: F/E/J4/6

Date: June 26th 1906 - June 26th 1906

Minutes of the assembly of the Principals and Officers of the Parish of St John, relating to the Act of the Ecclesiastical Assembly under Corbet Hue, Dean of Jersey, reporting on pews in St John's Church

Reference: G/C/03/C7/7

Date: January 29th 1828 - January 29th 1828

St John's Church

Reference: G/C/12

Composite Register of Baptisms, 15/11/1719 - 07/08/1745, Marriages, 19/06/1715 - 06/08/1744, Burials, 06/09/1715 - 30/03/1744

Reference: G/C/12/A1/1

Date: September 6th 1715 - August 7th 1745

Composite Register of Baptisms, 02/10/1715 - 15/01/1736, Marriages, 19/06/1715 - 26/08/1783, Burials, 22/10/1716 - 02/05/1746

Reference: G/C/12/A1/2

Date: October 2nd 1715 - August 26th 1783

Composite Register of Marriages, 20/07/1790 - 23/07/1842, Burials, 04/01/1808 - 07/09/1839

Reference: G/C/12/A1/3

Date: July 20th 1790 - July 23rd 1842

Composite Register of Baptisms, 26/01/1752 - 10/05/1807, Burials, 21/02/1752 - 27/12/1807

Reference: G/C/12/A1/4

Date: January 26th 1752 - December 27th 1807

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