Letter from Peter Marett, Jersey to Lieutenant Governor Burke Cuppage re. the order for him to resign his commission of the St Lawrence Battalion

Reference: A/C2/12/7

Date: September 7th 1868 - September 7th 1868

Letter from the War Office to the Lieutenant Governor [Major General Philip Nelson Guy] re. 'exhibition of a spirit of insubordination amongst the officers of the St Lawrence Battalion' reference to a petition from the officers in 1846, request for observations

Reference: A/C2/15/1

Date: March 14th 1873 - March 14th 1873

Copy letter from R Pipon Marett, Attorney General to Major General Norcott re. the pending case in the Royal Court between the Attorney General and Mr Aaron de St Croix, former Captain in the St Lawrence Battalion

Reference: A/C2/16/1

Date: June 13th 1874 - June 13th 1874

Letter from P L Montgomery, Pall Mall to the Lieutenant Governor originally accompanied with letters dated 18 March 1873 & 30 January 1873 from the Lieutenant Governor [Major General Philip Nelson Guy] to the Inspector General of Auxiliary Forces and the Petition of the Officers of the St Lawrence Battalion

Reference: A/C2/16/2

Date: June 30th 1874 - June 30th 1874

Letter from Lieutenant Colonel Gervaise Le Gros, St Lawrence Battalion to the Adjutant General Royal Jersey Militia re. a comment made in the States referring to insubordination in the St Helier Battalion and a previous occurrence in the St Lawrence Battalion, refuted by Lieutenant Colonel Le Gros and request for an enquiry

Reference: A/C2/17/15

Date: August 25th 1875 - August 25th 1875

Letter from the Attorney General Pipon Marett to the Lieutenant Governor Major General Norcott originally enclosed with three documents used in the Royal court case see A/C2/16/2. Legality of the removal of Mr de St Croix from the St Lawrence Battalion confirmed but case been referred to Her Majesty in Council

Reference: A/C2/17/2

Date: January 23rd 1875 - January 23rd 1875

Commission appointing Philip Laurens to the rank of Ensign in the St Laurens Battalion commanded by Colonel George Benest belonging to the South Regiment of Militia whereof John Thomas Durell is Colonel. Signed by Moyse Corbet, Lieutenant Governor.

Reference: L/F/08/M1/1

Date: May 14th 1784 - May 14th 1784

Commission appointing Arthur P Blampied to the rank of Sub-Lieutenant in the St Lawence Battalion of the Fouth or South Regiment of the Royal Militia of Jersey, whereof Gervaise Le Gros is Lieutenant Colonel. Signed by Lieutenant General Philip Melmoth Nelson Guy, Lieutenant Governor of the Island of Jersey and Commander-in-Chief of the Forces.

Reference: L/F/08/M1/4

Date: July 19th 1873 - July 19th 1873

Orderly book for the St Lawrence battalion, 15/10/1809 - 28/10/1837 and the 3rd or East Regiment Royal Jersey Militia, 04/11/1837 - 01/01/1852

Reference: L/F/97/M1/1

Date: October 15th 1809 - January 1st 1852

Orders of Mathieu Gosset, Colonel of the St Lawrence Battalion of the Militia concerning the basic rules of the battalion

Reference: L/F/97/M2/36

Date: April 5th 1793 - April 5th 1793

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