1992 Aerial photographs, scale 1:10000. RUN 3 covering St Ouen's Bay, La Saline Slip, Les Lauriers Slip, Grantez, La Grande Route des Mielles [Five Mile Road], Lewis Tower, Kempt Tower, Square Fort, La Mielle de Morville, St Ouen's Church, St Ouen's Village, La Grande Route de St Ouen, St Ouen's Manor, Les Niemes, Augerez, La Rue de la Vallee, Coin Varin, Gigoulande Mill Quarry, St Mary's Church, The Elms, Coin Tourgis Nord, St Matthew's Roman Catholic Church, Six Rues, Carrefour Selous, Coin Motier, Handois Reservoir, La Grande Route de St Laurent, Coin Hâtain, Dannemarche Reservoir, Hamptonne, St John's Manor, Herupe, La Grande Route de St Jean, Sion, Becquet Vincent, Augrès, Ville à L'Evêque, Howard Davis Experimental Farm, Trinity Church, Rondin, Croiserie, Jardin d'Olivet, Les Augrès Manor, Diélament Manor, Maufant Manor, La Route des Cotes du Nord, Rozel Bay, Rozel Manor, St Martin's Church, Le Saie Harbour, Le Coupe, Gibraltar, Belval Cove, St Catherine's Breakwater, Verclut Point, Fliquet Bay. For copies of higher quality images please contact the Archive with relevant slide numbers. Consult D/W/E3/4/A for key map to runs 1 - 5

Reference: D/W/E3/4/3

Date: July 30th 1992 - July 30th 1992

Ordnance survey map of part of Vingtaine du Coin Varin, St Peter, Vingtaine du Sud, St Mary and Vingtaine du Coin Tourgis Nord, St Lawrence including St Matthew's Catholic Church, Avranches, Les Six Rues, Six Rues Farm and Le Carrefous Selous, plan no 4/23

Reference: D/W/H1/4/23

Date: 1981 - 1981

Testament of Eugène Joseph Duprey, 15½ Queen Street, St Helier. Dated 2 March 1929. Bequeaths to the Roman Catholic Church of Portsmouth £200; to the Roman Catholic Church of St Thomas £200; to the Roman Catholic Church of St Matthews £100; to the Roman Catholic Church in St Martin £100 and to the Roman Catholic Church of St Mary and St Peter £100.

Reference: D/Y/A/89/171

Date: October 5th 1929 - October 5th 1929

Testament of Celestine Pauline Délépine née Adelus, Craig Cottage, St Saviours Hill, widow. Dated 29 August 1932. Bequeaths to the Father Superior of St Thomas Roman Catholic Church £100 to say masses for the souls of the Adelus family and £50 to say masses for her soul; to the Father Superior of St Matthews Roman Catholic Church £100 to say masses for souls in purgatory; to The Little Sisters of the Poor £300.

Reference: D/Y/A/93/105

Date: November 9th 1932 - November 9th 1932

Testament of Mathurin Marie Herpe, La Ville au Bas, St Lawrence. Dated 26 July 1932. Bequeaths to The Catholic Church of St Matthews in St Peter £200. Codicil added 14 November 1936

Reference: D/Y/A/99/137

Date: December 19th 1936 - December 19th 1936

Will and Testament of Pierre Marie Ferchat, of Beauvoir, Mont Cochon, St Helier. Desires to be buried in St Matthew's Roman Catholic Churchyard and that a monument be erected on his grave costing not more than £40 and that his rosary is placed in the coffin. Bequeaths to the Little Sisters of the Poor all his clothes. Bequeaths to Pierre Jean Ferchat the residue of the estate. Dated 01/11/1945. [Includes one closed document]

Reference: D/Y/B1/2/66

Date: September 13th 1949 - September 13th 1949

Receipt from St Matthew's Roman Catholic Church for permission for Trinity Parish to bury people in St Matthew's Cemetery, Coin Varin, St Peter

Reference: F/M/E4/30

Date: January 22nd 1959 - January 22nd 1959

Copper Photographic Plate of the interior of St Matthew's Roman Catholic Church from the Jersey Catholic Record from February 1967 p.10

Reference: H/B/E5/26

Date: February 1st 1967 - February 1st 1967

Copper Photographic Plate of first communicants at St Matthew's Church from the Jersey Catholic Record from July 1969 p.10-11

Reference: H/B/E5/56

Date: July 1st 1969 - July 1st 1969

Transfer of church property from the Diocese of Portsmouth to a Trust in the name of the Catholic Church in Jersey including the properties of St Mary and St Peter's Church, St Thomas' Church, St Martin's Church and St Matthew's Church

Reference: H/B/G5/1

Date: February 8th 1913 - February 8th 1913

Correspondence relating to St Matthew's Roman Catholic Church regarding the building, parishioners and priests

Reference: H/B/J4/1

Date: October 11th 1976 - January 8th 1992

Reports on St Matthew's and St Patrick's Roman Catholic Churches after visits to the sites for the Jersey Catholic Pastoral Review

Reference: H/B/M4/10

Date: August 16th 1994 - August 17th 1994


Reference: H/C/A

Baptism Registers

Reference: H/C/A1

Baptism Register

Reference: H/C/A1/1

Date: September 22nd 1872 - July 23rd 1893

Baptism Register

Reference: H/C/A1/2

Date: November 30th 1893 - August 11th 1907

Baptism Register

Reference: H/C/A1/3

Date: August 18th 1907 - August 6th 1916

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