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Reference: L/F/200


Reference: L/F/200/A

Stateswide Magazine-No 1, July 1991-includes articles on new States Treasurer George Baird, the Island Games, a day in the life of the Sea Fisheries Officer Simon Bossy and shift work.

Reference: L/F/200/A/1

Date: July 1st 1991 - July 1st 1991

Stateswide Magazine-No 10, February 1993-includes articles on John Lees, former Controller of Social Security, a day in the life of a police dog and talking to the media.

Reference: L/F/200/A/10

Date: February 1st 1993 - February 1st 1993

Stateswide Magazine-No 11, April 1993-includes articles on performance related pay, the new Senior Executive of Product Development for Jersey Tourism, Hamish Marett-Crosby, a day in the life of Louise Piasecki, PA to the Chief Officer of the Personnel Department and the States Apprentice Scheme.

Reference: L/F/200/A/11

Date: April 1st 1993 - April 1st 1993

Stateswide Magazine-No 12, June 1993-includes articles on savings made by the Education Department, a day in the life of David Cotillard, the Department of Health's Head Gardener and Hamish Marett-Crosby.

Reference: L/F/200/A/12

Date: June 1st 1993 - June 1st 1993

Stateswide Magazine-No 13, July 1993-includes articles on the President of the Establishment Committee, Senator Dick Shenton, the transfer of Jersey Post to Rue des Pres and a day in the life of Mick Abbott, Prison Officer.

Reference: L/F/200/A/13

Date: July 1st 1993 - July 1st 1993

Stateswide Magazine-No 14, October 1993-includes articles on equal opprtunities, the new personnel computer system and a day in the life of Adam Tranter, marina controller.

Reference: L/F/200/A/14

Date: October 1st 1993 - October 1st 1993

Stateswide Magazine-No 15, December 1993-includes articles on the new Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police, Bob Le Breton, the Jersey Probation Service and a day in the life of Gillian Pickersgill, Deputy Chief Librarian

Reference: L/F/200/A/15

Date: December 1st 1993 - December 1st 1993

Stateswide Magazine-No 16, February 1994-includes articles on the Island's Finances by States Treasurer, George Baird, a day in the life of Jim St Ledger, a traffic warden and work in the Motor Traffic Department.

Reference: L/F/200/A/16

Date: February 1st 1994 - February 1st 1994

Stateswide Magazine-No 2, September 1991-includes articles on new Chief Officer, Mary Alexander, a day in the life of the Le Geyt Centre and the States apprenticeship scheme.

Reference: L/F/200/A/2

Date: September 1st 1991 - September 1st 1991

Stateswide Magazine-No 3, November 1991-includes articles on the new Property Office, a day in the life of the paramedics and eligibility to serve on a jury

Reference: L/F/200/A/3

Date: November 1st 1991 - November 1st 1991

Stateswide Magazine-No 4, February 1992-includes articles on the call for more meetings to improve industrial relations by Joint Council Chairman John Noel, a day in the life of Assistant Harbour master Paul Mimmack and recruitment to the States of Jersey Police Force

Reference: L/F/200/A/4

Date: February 1st 1992 - February 1st 1992

Stateswide Magazine-No 5, March 1992-includes articles on the new Chief Officer of Personnel, Tom Machin, the new States Greffier, Geoffrey Coppock, a day in the life of sewage worker Bill Dilks, the new Social Security Department's senior employment officer, David Bisson and how to join the States of Jersey Police Force.

Reference: L/F/200/A/5

Date: March 1st 1992 - March 1st 1992

Stateswide Magazine-No 6, May 1992-includes articles on Health and Safety, a day in the life of Air Traffic Control and recruitment to the States of Jersey Police.

Reference: L/F/200/A/6

Date: May 1st 1992 - May 1st 1992

Stateswide Magazine-No 7, July 1992-includes articles on a new personnel computer system, the increase in nursey care and a day in the life of Ian Robinson, the Assistant Military Liaison Officer of the Territorial Army.

Reference: L/F/200/A/7

Date: July 1st 1992 - July 1st 1992

Stateswide Magazine-No 8, September 1992-includes articles on the Chief Officer of the Personnel Department, Tom Machin, the States Pension Scheme and a day in the life of André Militis and Maria Boléat, who artificially inseminate cows for the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.

Reference: L/F/200/A/8

Date: September 1st 1992 - September 1st 1992

Stateswide Magazine-No 9, November 1992-includes articles on the new Chief Adviser to the States Colin Powell, security of public buildings, a day in the life of the Community Service with organiser Derek Seymour and the Youth Training Initiative.

Reference: L/F/200/A/9

Date: November 1st 1992 - November 1st 1992

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