Photographic slides taken in Jersey. Includes photographic slides of: Peter and Anthea Crill at a Jersey Drag Hunt; Kathleen Le Sueur and Mr Syvret at Multina Riding Stables; and flowers at Leslie Mourant's home. [Missing in series].

Reference: L/C/142/C1/A/72/16

Date: October 28th 1972 - November 3rd 1972

Occupation Diary of Ann Cristin Barette, née Barette of Les Marais Farm, St Mary.

Reference: L/C/298/A/1

Date: January 1st 1945 - January 2nd 1946

Martin Syvret and Christian Jegard gardening at Steephill, St Saviour's Hill. Mr Jegard has been gardening at Steephill for 24 years.

Reference: p/03/430/08

Date: July 7th 2000 - July 7th 2000

Irene Jegou, Gladys Hacquoil and Loddy Le Blanc, née Le Cuirot, talk to Arthur McGugan about life at Hamptonne between 1910 and 1918. Includes: moved in at a very young age; large family, 6 girls and 3 boys; Mr Syvret owned the property; they lived in the main house, now known as the 'Syvret House'; description of the layout of the house; not much furniture; cement floors in kitchen and dairy, wood floors in sitting room and upstairs; no fires upstairs; lit by candles and parrafin lamps; cooked and heated water on range; no sanitation or running water; other buildings used for farm storage; decoration; helped on the farm and did household duties; grew swedes for the cattle and potatoes; no tractors, horses used; had a herd of cattle; cows taken to a depot for milking; orchard; no cider press; farm workers - Jack Syvret (related to landlord), Jack Pihan, Sam le Boutillier - used to bring his clarinet with him; employed Breton labourers seasonally; mother made butter and sold it; went to St Lawrence's Elementary School; the boys went to Harrison House, a private school; attended parish church and Sunday School; information about neighbours; anecdotes about childhood misdemeanours; differences between Hamptonne now and then; details of roofs of the different buildings; father used to sell cattle to americans; had 2 or 3 farm horses; information about ploughing with horses; during the First World War a zeppelin came overhead, everyone ran for the colombier because they thought they would be bombed - this was reported in the Evening Post; gave jugs of cider to the Militia soldiers. Recorded 02/09/1991. Duration 25 minutes. Good sound quality.

Reference: R/03/C/3

Date: September 2nd 1991 - September 2nd 1991

Jersey Talking Magazine-December Edition. Introduction by Gordon Young. Pat Dubras acting a piece from the Senior Acting Class from the Jersey Eisteddfod for which she won the section spoon for the highest mark in the whole Drama Section. Cooking feature-Margaret Jenkins giving recipes for mushroom paté and sweet milk pudding. Myths and legends feature-Roy Fauvel talking about a ghostly vision. Nature feature-Frances Le Sueur talking about herbs. Health feature-Dr Ian Caldwell, a skin specialist, talking about using cosmetics. Tips for the blind from the BBC read by Phil Gurdon including tips on booking holidays for the blind and lighting. End of Side One. Chris and David at a fete for the Guide Dogs for the Blind at Len Pipon's Farm-Oakland-just behind St Lawrence Church looking at the working of the farm, threshing being described, Mr Syvret, Chairman of Guide Dogs for the Blind, talking about the day, talking to the ladies who make Jersey conger soup and bean crock, ladies wearing traditional Jersey sun bonnets, describing engines, tractors, wagons and coaches, basket making demonstration by A P Laurens, Mrs de Gruchy talking about making Jersey wonders and making bread. Gordon Young telling a story.

Reference: R/05/B/26

Date: November 30th 1978 - November 30th 1978

Dramatisation of Lillie Langtry looking back on her life and telling her servant Mathilde about it. Part 7-'The Grand Dame', following her moving into the horse racing world, the death of Edward Langtry, her relationship with her daughter, marrying Hugo de Bathe, performing at the Opera House, the death of Bertie, moving to Monaco and her death. John Nettles as Bertie, King Edward VII, Tessa Coleman as Lillie Langtry, Gillian Thomas as Old Lillie, Lorraine Falle as Mathilde, Philip Forster as Edward Langtry, Peter Le Breuilly as Oscar Wilde, Rachel Dickinson as Patsy Cornwallis-West, Annette Lafolley as Princess Alexandra, Graham Drummond as Artie Jones, Gareth Thomas as Mr Hughes, Gavin Standen as Glyn and Hugo de Bathe, Philippa d'Aubigny as Jeanne, Roy Thomas as George V, Guy Le Maistre as Mr Syvret, Lisa Baudains as Milly, Jackie Monkman as Lady Whitehouse. Production Assistant-Jackie Monkman, Sound Effects-Claire Stanley, Original Music-Roger Bara, Produced and Directed by Cathy Keir. Duration-30.55 minutes.

Reference: R/07/H1/7

Date: February 19th 1997 - February 19th 1997

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