Papers relating to a claim from General Post Office employees, in particular H K A Parker

Reference: B/A/L10/15

Date: January 9th 1946 - January 9th 1946

Papers relating to property in the Channel Islands held by South Africans - includes names and addresses of claimants

Reference: B/A/L10/16

Date: January 10th 1946 - February 1st 1946

Papers relating to the claims of Mr P R Stubbs and Mrs K E Syvret

Reference: B/A/L10/17

Date: January 26th 1946 - March 21st 1946

Papers relating to the claim of George A T [Archibald Templeman] Lindsey, ex Ldg Sea p/216088, 51a Heatherdean Road, Highfield, Southampton, includes; Correspondence with the Royal Naval Benevolent Trust, Inventory of furniture and effects removed from 55, Don Street, St Helier, Valuation of goods

Reference: B/A/L10/18

Date: January 9th 1946 - March 12th 1946

Papers relating to the claim of Major J F Bolland, Bronwelfa, Llanuwchllyn, North Wales

Reference: B/A/L10/19

Date: January 21st 1946 - February 15th 1946

Papers relating to compensation for French Nationals suffering losses in the Channel Islands, includes; Final Act of the Paris Conference on Reparation Papers relating to Colonel L Sabourdin's claim for gold deposited in Lloyds Bank confiscated by the German Authorities

Reference: B/A/L10/22

Date: December 21st 1945 - December 22nd 1956

Papers relating to the claim of Mr and Mrs F Lock, 42, Greenway Avenue, Taunton, previously of 3, Highfield Villas, La Pouquelaye

Reference: B/A/L10/23

Date: March 4th 1946 - March 23rd 1946

Papers relating to the claim of Mr L W Prime, censor in Postal and Telegraphic Censorship Service, for salary not received

Reference: B/A/L10/25

Date: April 4th 1946 - April 9th 1946

Papers relating to the claim of Arthur Sweeting, 114, Pontefract Lane, Leeds, for goods in store

Reference: B/A/L10/26

Date: April 4th 1946 - April 10th 1946

Papers concerning the official stance taken by the States of Jersey regarding war damage to property. Includes Acts of the Rehabilitation Committee

Reference: B/A/L10/8

Date: August 14th 1945 - September 15th 1953

Correspondence relating to the National Services Armed Forces Act, 1939 including correspondence concerning invalid call-up notices and those evacuated to the UK in 1940

Reference: B/A/W19/4

Date: November 27th 1945 - April 23rd 1946

Claim for personal injuries by Captain P R Barette of 85 Don Road, St Helier, previously of 19, St James Street, St Helier, deported to Laufen

Reference: B/A/W21/3

Date: September 18th 1945 - April 23rd 1946

Claim for personal injuries by Mrs J A Bull of 16, Winchester Street, St Helier

Reference: B/A/W21/5

Date: March 20th 1946 - March 23rd 1946

Claim by for personal injuries Mrs A Lewis of 2, Balmoral Villas, Drury Lanedeported to Germany

Reference: B/A/W21/6

Date: April 4th 1946 - June 22nd 1946

Digital copy of the Report of the Inquiry into the Removal of Children from Orkney in February 1991 by James J Clyde.

Reference: C/D/AW6/C/EE000108

Date: July 31st 1992 - July 31st 1992

Prisoners Register, includes; number, criminals name, criminals place of birth, date of committal, at what school instructed, religion, whether the prisoner can read, whether the prisoner can write, weight of prisoner on entering and leaving jail and date of discharge. This volume has been transcribed and can be viewed as a pdf by subscribers. Please click on the volume description to access the pdf on the next page.

Reference: D/AG/B1/2

Date: August 3rd 1882 - December 31st 1888

Prisoners register index, includes; date of trial, name of prisoner and offence. Entries for inmates with surname beginning with T have been indexed. To find date and offence open the attached PDF. Further case information can be found in the Magistrates Causes Criminelles registers - D/Y/N4 or the Poursuite Criminelles registers - D/Y/G1

Reference: D/AG/B2/1/T

Date: 1814 - 1936

Jersey General Hospital Admission Register, 1849 - 1855. This register gives details of the person admitted, including date of entry, name, age, place of birth and cause of entry. The volume has been transcribed and can be viewed as a pdf by subscribers. Click on volume description to access the pdf.

Reference: D/AN/B11/1

Date: April 1st 1849 - September 25th 1855

Admission Register for St Luke's School Boy's Department, includes; admission number, date of admission, date of birth, name of child and parent, residence, last school, highest standard reached in last school, years when presented in the school in each standard and date of withdrawal. This has been indexed by name of pupil and entries can be viewed on PDF attached

Reference: D/J/30/D1/A/1

Date: April 22nd 1884 - August 6th 1902

Poursuites criminelles register - entry for James Taylor for selling alcohol without licence

Reference: D/Y/G1/5/394

Date: September 23rd 1811 - January 16th 1816

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