Letter Book of General Don containing correspondence concerning the Jersey garrison [indexed], 1810 - 1814. The later half of the book contains the Governor's Letter Book of Correspondence with the Home Office [Lieutenant General Sir Tomkins Hilgrove Turner, 1814 - 1816, Major General Sir Hugh MacKay Gordon, 1816 - 1821, and Major General Sir Colin Halkett, 1821 - 1830]

Reference: A/A1/6

Date: June 23rd 1810 - November 3rd 1823

Lieutenant Governors, Lieutenant General Don, Lieutenant General Sir T H Turner, Major General Sir H M Gordon, and Major General Sir Colin Halkett's, Letter Book containing correspondence with the Auditors Office, Somerset Place relating to Jersey accounts

Reference: A/A5/1

Date: November 26th 1807 - April 28th 1830

Lieutenant Governor, Lieutenant General Sir T H Turner and Major General Sir H M Gordon's, Garrison Letter Book [Indexed]

Reference: A/A5/3

Date: June 19th 1815 - January 23rd 1821

Accounts of Lt-General Sir H Turner, Lieutenant Governor and Commander in Chief in Jersey

Reference: AO 1/1279/289

Date: 1814 - 1815

Bail et Vente between John Coutanche Esquire attorney for the Reverend George Francis Turner, for the Reverend Henry Octavius Coxe and Charlotte Esther Turner his wife, and for Magdalen Esther Turner all three Turners are the younger children of Tomkyns Hilgrove Turner, Chevalier of the first party and John Matthew Cantell son of John of the second party. Records the sale from 1 to 2 of Brook Cottage, Grande Route du Village de Gorey, Grouville, Fief de sa Majesté - for the sum of £428 sterling. Registered: Book 253 folio 268 [Includes a handwritten note that the house's name was changed to Lindon Villa]

Reference: D/Z/G/B/11

Date: October 19th 1872 - October 19th 1872

Jersey Talking Magazine-April Edition. Introduction by Gordon Young. Di Weber at the Jersey Museum taking a tour of the Lillie Langtry exhibition showing some of the clothes used in the television program by London Weekend Television, talking about her life, the television programme and its success, descriptions of the clothes, paintings, set and items on show. Linda Le Vasseur in Alderney talking to Harold Egget about the book he has just written about the Channel Islands, talking about writing the book having been born in Germany, the photographs in the book, visiting the Ecrehous and meeting Alphonse Le Gastelois, the French Channel Islands called the Chausey Islands, the launch of the book in Hamburg, covering the royal visit in his book and sending a copy to the Queen, the need for a new book on the Channel Islands and when the book is going to be translated into English. Cooking feature-Margaret Jenkins talking about cooking offal. Interview with John Podmore, a photographer, talking about the part nature plays in his photography. Mike Le Cocq giving some in touch tips about books available on cassette. End of Side One. Adam Stirling, the lead in Follow That Girl that was at the Opera House, singing, talking about balancing a hairdressing and a singing and dancing career and talking about his career so far. Di Weber and Robin Cox carrying on the tour around Gorey including looking at the Linden Tree Tea Room which used to be the Roman Catholic Chapel, it then moved and took over the former Bible Christian Methodist Chapel, the houses called Hilgrove-the Hilgrove-Turner School built as a free school in 1859, the Salem Methodist Chapel now the Gorey Youth Club but formally the Gorey Telephone Exchange, Gouray Church built by the architect James Parkinson, Gouray Lodge-home of Sir Tompkins Hilgrove Turner the former Lieutenant Governor, Gorey Harbour, buildings on the quay, the oyster beds and the oyster fishermen, the Gorey Promenade where the railway used to be situated, Gorey Pier and quarries. Gordon Young finishing with a humorous story.

Reference: R/05/B/30

Date: March 31st 1979 - March 31st 1979

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