Volume of Annual Returns from individual island schools. The names of theattending children are recorded along with attendance summaries, inspectors reports, accounts, examination results and the names of teachers and pupil teachers. This volume has been indexed by name of person mentioned. The volume can be viewed at the Archive to access extra detail.

Reference: D/J/A/14

Date: 1889 - 1889

Testament of Ada Vautier of Floriana, Beaumont, St Brelade, widow of Oliver John Le Mottée. Dated 05/06/1939. Desires the residue of her personal estate to be distributed to local charities.

Reference: D/Y/A/113/172

Date: July 25th 1945 - July 25th 1945

Index to Causes Criminelles Register. The names from this index have been transcribed and a PDF file of entries for surnames listed in the U and V Index can be consulted here. To date the volumes with details of individual cases, reference D/Y/N4, can be viewed at the Archive in person or by emailing the Archive for a photocopy

Reference: D/Y/N5/3/UV

Date: January 1st 1885 - December 31st 1905

Baptism Register of St Ouen's Church - entry for Ada Vautier, daughter of Jean Vautier and Ann Prouings

Reference: G/C/02/E2/5/594

Date: March 8th 1876

Marriage Register of the St Helier Town Church - entry for Albert Edward Jones, 23 and Ada Vautier, 21

Reference: G/C/03/A3/15/37

Date: December 9th 1880

Marriage Register of All Saints Church - entry for Oliver John Le Mottée, 24 and Ada Vautier, 23

Reference: G/C/16/A2/1/420

Date: November 11th 1899

The Vautier family in the year 2000. Ada Vautier, Dolph Vautier, Julie Vautier, Sandra Audrain, Stan Le Clercq and Joan Le Clercq gathered at Trinity Youth Centre.

Reference: p/03/392/00

Date: September 30th 2000 - September 30th 2000

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