Applicants with surnames beginning with the letter G - Daisy Emily Grove

Reference: B/A/L42/6/319

Date: 1943 - 1945

Applicants with surnames beginning with the letters I, J, K, and L - Irene Maud Lofthouse

Reference: B/A/L42/8/536

Date: May 8th 1944 - May 8th 1944

Report and Proposition Regarding Extensions at Victoria Collage Preparatory Department, lodged by the Education Committee

Reference: C/A606/1976/P57

Date: May 25th 1976 - May 25th 1976

Digital copy of Extracts from minutes of meetings of the Education Committee. [Some details redacted].

Reference: C/D/AW1/A3/6/1/1/WD001175

Date: April 21st 1959 - May 12th 1959

Digital copy of Richard Louis Jouault's Witness Statement to the Inquiry providing an account of his experiences working with Health and Social Services Department. [Some details redacted].

Reference: C/D/AW2/B3/35/WS000622

Date: August 3rd 2015 - August 3rd 2015

Digital copy of Exhibit TLS13: Page 484 of Education in Jersey Part III 1952-1970 by the former president of the Education Committee John Le Marquand in the Société Jersiaise Annual Bulletin 1999. Used by Anthony Giles Le Sueur in his witness statement to the Inquiry dated 28 July 2014 [C/D/AW6/B/EE000038].

Reference: C/D/AW6/B/EE000051

Date: 1999 - 1999

Key listing primary schools, secondary schools and educational facilities in Jersey. Includes corresponding identification numbers, as relevant to information shown in MAP000014.

Reference: C/D/AW9/MAP000013

Date: 2014 - 2014

Directorate correspondence relating to lunchtime supervision in schools

Reference: D/J1/A/B1/A/131

Date: November 16th 1985 - November 3rd 1989

Directorate correspondence relating to Mont Cantel Extensions, includes; a copy of a contract and related correspondence regarding the right of way at Mont Cantel, various correspondence regarding planning of the pre-preparatory department at the colleges, the building requirements for this and entry requirements for children and a copy of the Act of the Education Committee, together with a report and proposition regarding the proposed extension to the Preparatory Department of the Jersey College for Girls, 1970.

Reference: D/J1/A/B1/G/1/5/1

Date: June 23rd 1964 - August 3rd 1972

File relating to Relocation of Jersey College for Girls, includes; a landscape survey for Jersey College for Girls Preparatory School, various revised plans for Jersey College for Girls, 1992 including elevations and sections, landscaping and car parking, correspondence relating to various aspects of the redevelopment of Jersey College for Girls, including whether to use the existing site or seek a new one, a copy of a presidential statement regarding the Jersey College for Girls/Victoria College Building Development, copies of maps and plans with potential sites marked, site comparisons, a report on traffic implications in relocating the school, a report setting out different options for development, correspondence relating to land required for relocation, changes to roads, outdoor facilities required for teaching games, news cuttings concerning the potential development and a development brief on the relocation of Jersey College for Girls and Jersey College for Girls Preparatory School to Le Mont Millais, St Helier, January 1992.

Reference: D/W/F1/1/10/02/1/1

Date: February 16th 1987 - June 18th 1992

File relating to Education, Mont Millais Schools, includes; correspondence relating to a design competition for the school buildings, Mont Millais, a visit to Hampshire to look at school designs, plans of Victoria College House, 1974, plans of the area, reports from different companies setting out their approaches to designing the schools and photographs of the visit to Hampshire by various committee members.

Reference: D/W/F1/1/10/02/1/2

Date: March 17th 1992 - May 8th 1992

Survey of part of St Helier including Colomberie, Mont Millais, Clarence Road, Don Road, La Motte Street, Green Street, Roseville Street, Grosvenor Street, Victoria College Preparatory School, St James Street and St Saviour's Road, Sheet No 15

Reference: D/W/H5/15

Date: 1977 - 1977

Photographs of: the Silver Springs Hotel under construction, the site for Jersey's first industrial estate at Rue des Pres, Longueville, and structural works for the new Victoria College Preparatory School.

Reference: L/A/75/A2/BUI/43/12

Date: 1966-02 - February 17th 1966

Subject: Buildings

File number: 43

Page number: 12

Photograph of Jersey Evening Post reporter Mr Jimmy Job, and a photograph of Mr Reginald John Nicolle, chief instructor of the Jersey School of Physical Culture (JSPC) and teacher in charge of physical education at Victoria College and Victoria College Preparatory School (VCP), taken for the Sportsman's Album feature.

Reference: L/A/75/A2/POR/40/7

Date: July 25th 1957 - August 3rd 1957

Subject: Portraits

File number: 40

Page number: 7

Images of Jersey Evening Post Junior Club member Ian Pinel with a collection of fossils he found in an old coal store at his home in Green Road, St Clement.

Reference: L/A/75/A3/1/10

Date: January 2nd 1976 - January 2nd 1976

Photographer: Ron Mayne

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1976/10

Images of a course in production held by the Jersey Amateur Dramatic Society at Victoria College Preparatory School. Visiting tutor Dick Williams is pictured in the white shirt.

Reference: L/A/75/A3/1/124

Date: January 17th 1976 - January 17th 1976

Photographer: Peter Mourant

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1976/124

Images of pupils at Victoria College Preparatory School (VCP) in the Bel Royal area on a charity walk with teachers and parents along the promenade running the length of St Aubin's Bay.

Reference: L/A/75/A3/1/1410

Date: July 3rd 1976 - July 3rd 1976

Photographer: Peter Mourant

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1976/1410

Images of Raymond Tostevin [far left], headmaster at Victoria College Preparatory School (VCP), being presented with a record player at an event held by the Old Victorians' Association in the main hall of FCJ Convent School.

Reference: L/A/75/A3/1/1470

Date: July 9th 1976 - July 9th 1976

Photographer: Peter Mourant

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1976/1470

Images of a pupils at Victoria College Preparatory School (VCP) competing in swimming races in the swimming pool at Victoria College.

Reference: L/A/75/A3/1/1506

Date: July 14th 1976 - July 14th 1976

Photographer: Peter Mourant

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1976/1506

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