Testament of Jane Louisa Selous, 2 Gas Lane, St Helier. Dated 13 October 1932. Bequeaths to the Sewing Meeting in connection with the Victoria Street Congregational Church her sewing machine and Selous £5. Codicil added 22 March 1937. Bequeaths to Joyce Picot her sewing machine.

Reference: D/Y/A/109/24

Date: February 4th 1942 - February 4th 1942

Testament of Emma Hacquoil, St Helier. Dated 19 April 1929. Bequeaths to the poor of the Congregational Church of Victoria Street £10; to the Methodist Church, Grove Place £10. Codicil added 19 April 1929. Desires to be buried in Almorah Cemetery.

Reference: D/Y/A/90/81

Date: June 7th 1930 - June 7th 1930

Will and Testament of Elizabeth Boucher, daughter of John and widow of William Porter, of Plaisance Lodge, St Clement's Road, St Helier. Desires to be buried in the same grave as her late husband in St Saviour's Cemetery with a separate headstone with suitable inscription. Bequeaths to Margaret Dora Porter, Kathleen Rowena Porter and Sylvia Elizabeth Porter all her plated articles, personal jewellery and silver; to Amelia S Moody, all her personal clothing, kitchen utensils, towels, sheets and pillow cases, the portraits of herself and her late husband; to the Victoria Street Congregational Church, £300; to the London Missionary Society, £100; to Arthur Bowman Porter, all pictures with exception of the portraits previously mentioned; to Mrs Amy of 13, St Clement's Road, a flower vase; to Mrs Baton, two brass candlesticks and lamps; to Douglas Baton, a case of stuffed birds; to Miss M F Lawson, the book 'The Desire of Ages'; to Gertrude Brears, a gold watch and chain. Dated 10/09/1947. First Codicil Added 01/04/1948. Second Codicil Added 01/04/1948. [Includes one closed document]

Reference: D/Y/B1/8/47

Date: February 19th 1951 - February 19th 1951


Reference: J/G/1/A

Baptism Registers

Reference: J/G/1/A/A

Baptism Register of Independent Church of St Helier, 1810 - 1812 and the Independent Church of St John 1812 - 1972

Reference: J/G/1/A/A/3

Date: July 1st 1810 - August 27th 1972

Cradle Rolls

Reference: J/G/1/A/B

Cradle Roll with names of children with dates of birth and date of death.

Reference: J/G/1/A/B/1

Date: May 14th 1909 - October 13th 1943

Roll Books

Reference: J/G/1/A/C

Boys Brigade Company Roll Book. Contains register of members of Boys Brigade 8th Jersey Company, includes attendance records of drills and Bible class.

Reference: J/G/1/A/C/1

Date: July 27th 1921 - February 18th 1930

Register of Promises

Reference: J/G/1/A/D

Register of Promises for the Twentieth Century Fund. The register records who subscribes to the Fund and how much they are promising.

Reference: J/G/1/A/D/1

Date: 1899 - 1899


Reference: J/G/1/B

Church Council Minutes

Reference: J/G/1/B/A

Church Council Minute Book.

Reference: J/G/1/B/A/1

Date: 1911 - 1914

File of Church Council Minutes.

Reference: J/G/1/B/A/2

Date: 1914 - 1917

Church Council Minute book.

Reference: J/G/1/B/A/3

Date: 1918 - 1928

Church Assembly Minutes

Reference: J/G/1/B/B

Minute book of the Church Assembly. Also includes register of Baptisms (1861 - 1870) and Burials (1861 - 1872), Roll of members (1861 - 1870), Attendance Roll (1862 - 1865) and register of marriages (1868 - 1869). There is also an historical account of building & opening of Victoria Street Congregational Church.

Reference: J/G/1/B/B/1

Date: 1857 - 1871

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