Copy letter from E Nicolle, 7 Beresford Street, St Helier to the Secretary of State for the Home Department re. payment for defaults. Copy letter from Lieutenant Governor Henry Wray to the Law Officers originally enclosed with letter of 3 Apr 1886 with reference to the case of a son of W E Voisin

Reference: A/C2/25/3

Date: April 3rd 1886 - April 9th 1886

Letter from W Vernon Attorney General to Lieutenant Governor Wray re. case of the son of W [E] Voisin and interpretation of the Militia Law passed by the States of 10 January 1881 regarding defaults

Reference: A/C2/25/5

Date: April 30th 1886 - April 30th 1886

Copy letter from Lieutenant Governor Wray to E Leigh Pemberton re. the Voisin case, list of fines

Reference: A/C2/25/6

Date: May 4th 1886 - May 4th 1886

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