Papers and correspondence relating to crown and public land in Jersey, includes the arsenals, martello towers and war department property

Reference: A/D1/L7/2

Date: June 29th 1900 - July 17th 1937

Correspondence concerning parish rates on Crown property and War Department property

Reference: A/D1/R12

Date: September 25th 1889 - February 9th 1921

Papers relating to the defence of the Channel Islands and fortifications, includes; St Aubin's Fort, the property of the War Department, Mont Orgueil, Viviers Battery, reports on the Royal Jersey Militia, Martello Towers, and a possible survey of the Channel Islands

Reference: A/D2/1

Date: July 15th 1831 - November 10th 1987

Transfer of Elizabeth Castle from the War Department to the States of Jersey

Reference: D/AL/A6/377(C2)

Date: 1922 - 1922

Papers relating to the new playing fields near the airport as an alternative site to the ones at St Peter's Barracks, reference to the removal of a disused watermill tower, tender for new playing fields at Ninnim's Farm, St Peter by Ernest G Farley, drawing of area in question, agreement from the War Department for the States of Jersey to take possession of the Old Recreation Ground

Reference: D/AP/A/12

Date: December 31st 1934 - November 30th 1936

Correspondence relating to the cession/sale to the States of Jersey certain War Department properties (eg: martello towers, Fort Henry, Seymour Tower and Beauport Battery). Lodged au Greffe. Printed by Le Lievre Brothers, States Printers

Reference: D/AP/AD/7/68

Date: June 2nd 1896 - June 2nd 1896

Letter from the War Department of 9th July 1897 on the subject of the Militia in the Channel Islands. Lodged au Greffe. Printed by Le Lievre Brothers, States Printers.

Reference: D/AP/AD/7/80

Date: December 6th 1897 - December 6th 1897

Acts of the Piers and Harbours Committee re. certain land situated near Mont de la Ville, St Helier. Printed by J T Bigwood, States Printers

Reference: D/AP/AD/8/87

Date: September 28th 1907 - September 28th 1907

Projet de Loi relating to the future use of the War Department properties, 1959

Reference: D/AU/Y2/A/103

Date: 1959 - 1959

Projets du loi relating to the former War Department properties, 1960

Reference: D/AU/Y2/B/62

Date: 1960 - 1960

Poursuites criminelles register - entry for William Iveson, Pay Master of the 18th Regiment, for his involvement in a violent disturbance in St Helier with other soldiers and officers.

Reference: D/Y/G1/5/252

Date: September 23rd 1811 - January 16th 1816

File of the Attorney General - Henry Edward Le Vavasseur dit Durell Esquire's Correspondence. Contains: Communications mainly with Government House concerning comments on draft bills, probate and acts, aliens in Jersey - including forms recording the arrest of some aliens and papers relating to alien labour, lighting restrictions, list of persons to whom the War Department owes rentes, appointment of Lyndon Rive as Vice-Consul for Norway and Denmark, the Defence Committee and Defence of the Realm regulations, report of the Jersey potato season 1916-1917, censorship, instructions for airships wishing to land in Jersey, and control of pigeons.

Reference: D/Z/H2/8

Date: July 2nd 1917 - December 29th 1917

War Department Property

Reference: D/Z1/A316

Correspondence file concerning War Department property, includes the Displaced Persons and Refugees Act, 1960

Reference: D/Z1/A316/1

Date: 1951 - 1970

A list of criminal cases giving names and details of those involved [this file had no previous reference number]

Reference: D/Z1/A317/1

Date: 1972 - 1972

Acts of the States of Jersey covering the period 1940 to1951

Reference: D/Z1/A317/1940/16

Date: 1940 - 1951

Acts of the States of Jersey covering the year 1941

Reference: D/Z1/A317/1941/10

Date: 1941 - 1941

Minutes of the States of Jersey covering the year 1941

Reference: D/Z1/A317/1941/7

Date: 1941 - 1941

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