Digital copy of Exhibit JPN3: Newscutting of an article in the Jersey Evening Post by Anthony Dearie about Julia Westaway and the centenary of the Westaway Trust titled A legacy to the poor. [Some details redacted].

Reference: C/D/AW1/A4/9/WD000157/3

Date: 2006 - 2006

Index to the criminal section of the Royal Court called the Poursuites Criminelles - includes an index of inquests in the back of book. Click to view names, volume number and page number of the relevant case. Consult D/Y /G1 volumes for case details. Le, de and du names are all indexed under the second part of the name (Le Brun will be in the B section of the index)

Reference: D/Y/G2/3

Date: August 6th 1834 - April 11th 1880

St Helier Town Church Baptism Register. Closed for preservation purposes but a typed transcription is available to view in the form of a pdf for subscribers. Click here to take you to the pdf and then click on View GC03A214.pdf in red.

Reference: G/C/03/A2/14

Date: September 9th 1841 - August 13th 1848

Agreement between John Anthoine, John Guiton, Francis Bisson, Nathaniel Westaway, John Bazin, John Phillips, Pearce Rogers, William Walter Elliott, John Le Ber, Henry Dart, William Fowler and William Gould, elected and named by the Reverend John Newton and the Stewards and Leaders of the Wesleyan Methodist Society in Jersey representatives of the said society, as trustees for the purpose of buying some ground and erecting a chapel. The said representatives bind themselves for all costs expenses and risks, cash and bills of exchange and notes to be incurred for the said chapel.

Reference: J/C/AN/L/10

Date: June 7th 1827 - June 7th 1827

Bail et Vente between Robert Bartley and Robert Lawrence Guille of the first party, and Jean Anthoine Nathaniel Westaway, Jean Guiton, William Walton Elliott, Jean Le Ber, John Phillips, Henry Dart, William Fowler, Francois Bisson, Pearce Rogers and William Gould sequestrators for the Association of English Methodists in Jersey of the second party. Records the sale from 1 to 2 of a certain piece of land for the building of a chapel on the Fief de Colette des Augres in the Parish of St Helier. For the sum of 36 quartiers of wheat of rente annually and 3200 Livres Argentand the payment of all rentes and seigneurial rights due on the land. Registered Livre 144 folio 228

Reference: J/C/AN/L/11

Date: December 4th 1827 - December 4th 1827

Sinnatt and Sons Funeral Directors Account Ledger [Indexed] Includes name, age and place of death of deceased as well as date of burial and details of the funeral expenses and payment. To find the name you are interested in please look at the index and then open the pdf with the relevant page number.

Reference: L/A/41/A1/3

Date: January 3rd 1848 - July 3rd 1854

Assignation de rente between Nathaniel Westaway son of Richard of the first party and Philippe Le Masurier procureur of of Charles Le Gros son of Philippe. Recites that 1 owes 2 the sum of 1 quartier of wheat of rente annually. Records the assignation of the sam sum of rente to settle the debt. Registered Livre 168 folio 185

Reference: L/C/112/F7/17

Date: July 7th 1838 - July 7th 1838

Itemised account sent to Philippe Le Gros [records numbered L/C/112/G2/71 - 76 were originally pinned together]

Reference: L/C/112/G2/74

Date: 1831 - 1831

Rembours de Rente between Jean Blampied son of Jean of the first party and George Marett Procureur de la Tutelle for John Nathaniel Westaway oldest son and principal heir of Jean Nathaniel Westaway son and principal heir of Nathaniel Westaway tenants apres décret to the héritage of George Sullivan and the deceased Elizabeth Rachel Le Cornu his mother of the second party. Records the reimbursement from 1 to 2 of 4 cabots, 3½ sixtonniers of wheat rente for the sum of £10, 6 shillings, 3 pennys sterling. Registered: Livre 282, Folio 8

Reference: L/C/130/A/44

Date: January 13th 1883 - January 13th 1883

Research notes by Robin Cox includes; Red Notebooks 1-10, which includes indexes to Public Registry contracts and newspaper cuttings relating to named individuals and companies [index at the back of each book]

Reference: L/C/152/139

Date: 1981

Research notes by Robin Cox includes; Red Notebooks 11-21 [16 missing], which includes indexes to Public Registry contracts and newspaper cuttings relating to named individuals and companies [index at the back of each book]

Reference: L/C/152/140

Date: 1981 - 1983

JEP Newscutting: The history of Bath Street and viscinity as part of What's Your Street's Story?

Reference: US/1171

Date: 2012 - 2012
15 November 2012

Jersey Evening Post Article : 'What's Your Street's Story' - The Weighbridge

Reference: US/1414

Date: October 14th 2016

Jersey Evening Post Newspaper article : ' What's Your Street's Story' - Belmont Road

Reference: US/1547

Date: July 11th 2017

Information regarding Jersey Brick Makers

Reference: US/769

Date: 2012 - 2012

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