Building a Better Future. The Way Ahead for Jersey. A Discussion Document [Seminar]. Booklet on the Seminar containing an action plan, a series of talks, questions and group discussions

Reference: D/G/A8/2/5

Date: 1998 - 1998

Photograph of Mr Bertram Le Maistre, and photographs of three gentlemen employed by Hotel and Home Furnishing Company Limited: the Manager Mr Gordon Young, carpet formean Mr George Pell and the administrative director Mr Tony Hardy.

Reference: L/A/75/A2/POR/68/4

Date: October 24th 1969 - December 13th 1969

Subject: Portraits

File number: 68

Page number: 4

Images of Mr Gordon Young mowing a lawn. Also in the garden are two dogs. A lurcher and a very young puppy of another breed small enough to fit in the photographers camera case!

Reference: L/A/75/A3/3/6936

Date: April 27th 1978 - April 27th 1978

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1978/6936

Images of Don Pallot, deputy candidate, at the Trinity Parish election meeting for deputy, with Mr Ahier chairing the meeting and Gordon Young, the seconder of Mr Pallot, also on the platform. Mr Pallot had refused to appear with the other candidate for deputy Edgar Becquet. [from JEP 01/12/1978 p 9].

Reference: L/A/75/A3/3/8986B

Date: November 30th 1978 - November 30th 1978

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1978/8986B

Images of an election meeting of Edgar Becquet, who is standing for Deputy of Trinity, taking place at Trinity Parish Hall including Edgar Becquet standing and his proposer the former bailiff Sir Robert Le Masurier sitting [image B-D] and electors asking questions including Philip Pallot [image G, K], Professor Albert Messervy [image I-J] and Gordon Young [image L] [from JEP 06/12/1978 p 3].

Reference: L/A/75/A3/3/9042

Date: December 5th 1978 - December 5th 1978

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1978/9042

Images of Gordon Young smoking a pipe. Jersey Evening Post

Reference: L/A/75/A3/5/2948

Date: January 31st 1980 - January 31st 1980

Photographer: a photographer named Paul

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1980/2948.

Images of a fete at St Ouen's Manor raising money for the restoration of St Matthew's Roman Catholic Church including [from right] the fete being opened by Seigneur Philip Malet de Carteret, Miss Jersey Treena Foster and compere Gordon Young [image G-I] and some of the stalls [from JEP 18/08/1980 p 24-25].

Reference: L/A/75/A3/5/5058A

Date: August 16th 1980 - August 16th 1980

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1980/5058A

Images of Gordon Young and Betty Brooke at the Pomme D'Or Hotel, during a meeting of the Jersey Evening Post Women's Circle [from JEP 1983/01/19, p.8]. Seated with the guests are Jersey Evening Post Women's Circle members Maureen Le Saint, Maureen Le Feuvre, and Sue Boudin.

Reference: L/A/75/A3/8/144

Date: January 17th 1983 - January 17th 1983

Photographer: Ron Mayne

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1983/144.

Programme for the 1977 Battle of Flowers along Victoria Avenue . Includes a parade route and seating plan, carnival programme, comprehensive lists of entrants in all of the carnival classes and members of the Jersey Battle of Flowers Association involved in the organisation of the event, as well as portraits of Mr Battle Des O'Connor, Miss Battle Diana Le Bot, Maids of Honour Chantal Gosselin and Mandy Bressat and former Miss Battles, photographs of winning floats from the 1976 show, and advertisements for a number of local companies.

Reference: L/F/445/R/2/1

Date: August 11th 1977 - August 11th 1977

Postcard to the future by Gordon Young to David O'Leary. The postcard has a good luck message.

Reference: L/F/69/328

Date: 2000 - 2000

The Big Band entertaining on Sunday morning in the Star Room at the Merton Hotel. Pictured are David Taylor, Simon Beaton, Fiona Le Goupil and Derek Upton on trumpets; John Taylor on soprano saxaphone (back row); Mim Philmore on keyboard; Tony Charles on bass; Len Sampson, Dave Le Sueur, Mick Grieve, Brian Normington and Gordon Young on trombones; John Pearse on drums; Mary Young on vocals; Gina Harrison, Jane Le Sueur, Chris Myers, Avril du Feu and Chris de Ste. Croix on saxaphones.

Reference: P/03/311/16

Date: October 1st 2000 - October 1st 2000

The Big Band playing on Sunday morning in the Star Room in the Merton Hotel. In the foreground are Wally Thompson on drums, Gordon Young on trombone and Mim Philmore on keyboard.

Reference: P/03/311/21

Date: October 1st 2000 - October 1st 2000

Channel Viewer includes features on What the Papers Say and Gordon Young

Reference: Q/75/C1/106

Date: September 20th 1964

Channel Viewer, the Cover features Channel Television's local line-up of Ken Webb, Gordon Young, Sid Guy, Charles Valentine, John Rothwell and Bob Baker

Reference: Q/75/C1/158

Date: October 3rd 1965

Jersey Talking Magazine No 4-October 1976. Beth Lloyd taking over as editor and producer-talks about moving to the island, working for the BBC, changing the format of the magazine, Gordon Young becoming regular presenter. Gordon Young interviewed about how he got into television. Gardening feature-talking and giving advice on planting bulbs, cabbages, broad beans, different flowers, the growing of fruit, chestnuts, the collection of seaweed for the vegetables. Cooking feature-Margaret Jenkins presenting-gives tips on uses of cream. Island administrators-interview Island Magistrate-Judge Lawrie Wilde-talks of the difference between UK and Jersey magistrates-acts as prosecution barrister, legal system compromise between English and French system of law, the cases he trys-in the police, petty debts and juvenile courts, is it a depressing job working with criminals-no because a lot of the people aren't guilty. Tips section on lenses, using the telephone for those with poor eyesight. End of Side One. Above the northern outskirts of St Helier stood the St Louis Observatory which was part of the estate of Maison St Louis which incorporated Highlands College and the old Imperial Hotel-now known as the Hotel de France-1886 Jesuits established teaching college-observatory constructed in 1894 with the tower-housed the Jesuits Meteorological Instruments-taken down in 1929 as it was considered unsafe. St Louis Observatory now run by Pere Ray-between 1917-21 a student at the college. Honoured by the french government for his work during the occupation and in education he is a leading expert in the study of seismology-the study of earthquakes. Reverend Peter Manton went to see him and asked him when the island's only seismograph was installed-30th June 1936, strongest and numbers of earthquakes recorded, interpretation of seismographs, how work going to continue after, under head of Met Office, need for continuity, gap in seismology in 1921-father died, goes from 1894, highest and lowest temperatures recorded at the tower, wettest year, earthquake recorder-purpose to study local earthquakes, talks about some of the earthquakes, tour of the observatory to look at the seismograph-explanation of how the seismograph works, Pere Ray during the occupation-at Maison St Louis carried on the meteorological work and allowed to keep the radio, fought to keep going, made crystal radio sets-describes process. Gordon Young tells of how he had been the target for a knife thrower for television a couple of years previously.

Reference: R/05/B/1

Date: October 15th 1976 - October 15th 1976

Jersey Talking Magazine-August 1977 Edition. Introduction by Gordon Young. Nature feature-Frances Le Sueur talking about crickets with noise. Health feature-Beth Lloyd speaking to the doctor about healthy foods and cholesterol levels. Cooking feature-Margaret Jenkins talking about recipes for sausages. Island Administrators-Graeme Pitman interviewing Sir Frank Ereaut, the Bailiff regarding the history of the role of Bailiff in the island, his roles within the island, the changing role of the bailiff, the relationship between the Bailiff and the Jurats in the Royal Court and the court system and the appointment of the bailiff. Gardening feature-from Jack Douglas and Alf Ippititimus regarding beans and honey. End of Side One. Poem on the occupation by Reg Grandin. Feature by Di Weber on The Willows, a day care centre built in the grounds of The Limes, which had recently opened its doors and interviewed Miss Fairwell, a chief volunteer about the day care centre and interviews with the residents about the centre including Mrs Balleine, Mr Tallon, Mrs Guegan, and volunteers at the centre including Miss Norman and the cook talking about the food served and Mrs Trevor, the lady in charge for the day talking about the centre. Story in a Devonian accent about Widdecombe Fair. The organiser for Guide Dogs for the Blind for the Western District, David Haydn-Thomas, interviewed about smells in the garden, gardening and gardens by the blind, formation of local radio, the treatment of the blind, the Guide Dogs for the Blind organisation and the Talking Book. Gordon Young ends with a humorous story.

Reference: R/05/B/10

Date: July 31st 1977 - July 31st 1977

Jersey Talking Magazine-September 1977 Edition. Introduction by Gordon Young. Pharmacy feature-Molly Perchard-talking about the history of pharmacy. Cooking feature-Margaret Jenkins talking about the use of spices. Gardening feature-Jack Douglas and Alf Ippititimus giving hints on fig trees and summer colds. Nature feature-Frances Le Sueur talking about eating seaweed, using vraic as fertilizers and different kinds of seaweed. Island Administrators-Graeme Pitman interviewing Senator Bill Morvan, Head of the Harbours and Airport Committee about the attractions of the job, the challenges faced by the committee at the airport and harbour, the Jersey Airport as a trading area-self-sufficiency from the tax payer, what happens with the profit from the Airport, the new marina being built, where the money is coming from, charges and the price of air fares. Hint for the blind from Jim Lamy about the use of the telephone. Gordon Young ends the side with a humorous story. End of Side One. Reading from a poem by Reg Grandin on the occupation. Interview with Alan Whicker about his reasons for getting into journalism, his career, getting into television and travel broadcasts, becoming famous, his interviewing style, people he has interviewed, evocative smells, tastes and sounds he has experienced, his interest in the flora and fauna of Jersey and his choice to live in Jersey. Eileen Le Sueur telling a humorous Jersey story in Jersey French.

Reference: R/05/B/11

Date: August 31st 1977 - August 31st 1977

Jersey Talking Magazine-October 1977 Edition. Introduction by Gordon Young.

Reference: R/05/B/12

Date: September 30th 1977 - September 30th 1977

Jersey Talking Magazine-November 1977 Edition. Introduction by Gordon Young. Pharmacy feature-Molly Perchard talking about cure and medicines for winter ailments. Gardening feature-Chris and David talking about flowers and vegetables and insect pests over the previous year. Poem about gardening. Cooking feature-Margaret Jenkins talking about pickles, chutneys and sauces. Island Administrators-Graeme Pitman interviewing Senator John Riley, President of the Defence Committee about the functions of the Defence Committee, the responsibility for the police force and fire service, motor traffic and vehicles and the Immigration and Nationality Department. Tim with hints for the blind on warm gloves and the Braille Radio Times. End of Side One. Feature about the history of Victoria College on its 125th anniversary with Beth Lloyd and Di Weber. College choir singing the College Carmen. Derek Cotterill, the Head of Junior School at Victoria College talks about where the idea of a college in Jersey came from, the need and building of a college, the history of the school, headmasters, royal visits, effects of the german occupation on the school. Mr Devenport, headmaster, talking about his job at Victoria College, development at the school and the school as a public school. Frank Lewis, caretaker, talking about his 35 years at Victoria College, the occupation and changes with the pupils. Head boy Sacha Campbell talks about his duties. Robert Tilling, Head of Art, talking about Art in the College. Sacha Campbell talks about sport in the school including football, cricket, squash. A pupil talking about the Victorian magazine. Sacha Campbell talks about boarders at Victoria College House. A tour around Victoria College with descriptions of the buildings and the floral displays, produced by the Jersey Flower Club to decorate Victoria College for the anniversary, by June. Gordon Young tells a humorous story.

Reference: R/05/B/13

Date: October 31st 1977 - October 31st 1977

Jersey Talking Magazine-December 1977 Edition. Introduction by Gordon Young. Nature feature-Frances Le Sueur talking about owls including examples of their noise. Medical feature-Beth Lloyd talking to a doctor about keeping warm in winter. Cooking feature-Margaret Jenkins talking about steaming. Island Administrators-Graeme Pitman interviewing Senator Bernard Binnington, President of the Agriculture and Fisheries Committee about the responsibilities of his committee, administration of the States Farm at the Howard Davis Farm and the work that goes on there, things that he think may change in the industry in the future, the involvement of the committee in fisheries, the possibility of taking over responsibility for food stocks, how long he has been president and been in the States. Mike Le Cocq talking about hints for gardening for blind people. End of Side One. Child reading a poem about winter. In July Andrew Millar who is blind, PRO of Talking Newspaper, a physiotherapist and a guide around Colchester and Marjorie Norton visited Buckingham Palace for a garden party and talks about their experience, meeting the Queen and Prince Philip. Norah Bryant, a picture restorer, being interviewed by Beth Lloyd about picture restoration, the process of restoration and cleaning, the implications of having a picture restored and examples of work. Interview by Philip Gurdon of Joe Rechka, a pilot, who talks about his early life just after the Germans had invaded Czechoslovakia, travelling from Poland to Calais and then Paris, joining the French Foreign Legion and training for war, defending railway stations over the Maginot Line, the Allies losing the war and moving to Liverpool, joining the British Fighter Squadron, ferrying planes, flying over Malta, returning to Czechoslovakia after the war and escaping to the UK to escape the regime.

Reference: R/05/B/14

Date: November 30th 1977 - November 30th 1977

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