Dramatisation of Lillie Langtry looking back on her life and telling her servant Mathilde about it. Part 4-'The Lover', follows her return to Jersey for a visit and meeting her father again, her affair with the Prince, being presented at Court to the Queen, her meeting with Lieutenant Louis Battenberg [Louis Mountbatten] and falling in love with him, the breaking down of her relationship with the Prince and discovering she's pregnant. John Nettles as Bertie, Prince of Wales, Tessa Coleman as Lillie Langtry, Philip Forster as Edward Langtry, Gillian Thomas as Old Lillie, Peter Crill as the Dean of Jersey, Richard Pedley as Prince Louis Battenberg, Peter Le Breuilly as Oscar Wilde, Rachel Dickinson as Patsy Cornwallis-West, Annette Laffoley as Princess Alexandra, Lorraine Falle as Mathilde, Marian Miles as Lillie's Mother, Chris Stone as Crown Prince Rudolf, Roy Thomas as Sir Alan Young, Carol Owens as Dominique, Kieron Sheehan as Prince Edward, Craig Stuart as Prince George, Graham Drummond as Lord Beresford. Production Assistant-Jackie Monkman, Sound Effects-Claire Stanley, Original Music-Roger Bara, Produced and Directed by Cathy Keir. Duration-30.48 minutes.

Reference: R/07/H1/4

Date: January 30th 1997 - January 30th 1997

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