Assignation de rente between Pierre Jean Simon, son of Philippe, tenant apres décret of the heritage of Thomas de Gruchy of the first party and Elizabeth de Gruchy, daughter of Elie Marie of the second party. Records the assignation from 1 to 2 of 24 quartiers of wheat rente. Registered: Livre 219, Folio 196.

Reference: L/C/311/A1/8

Date: December 11th 1858

Vente de rente between Philippe Le Sueur, son of Philippe of the first party and Marie de Gruchy, daughter of Thomas and wife of Charles Le Masurier of the second party. Records the sale from 1 to 2 of 12 quartiers of wheat rente for the sum of £207, 13s, 10½d Sterling. Registered: Livre 233, Folio 57.

Reference: L/C/311/A1/9

Date: September 17th 1864

Sale of rente by Jeanne Le Hardy (wife of Jean Edouard Baumont) to Jean Le Rougetel for ten cabots of wheat annuling the rente of four cabots of wheat of Thomas de Gruchy of Trinity assigned to Philip Gallichan for three hundred and fifty livres argent. Signed by Nicholas Messervy, Jacques Hammond and Jean Poingdestre. Registered Livre 95, folio 127

Reference: L/C/32/10

Date: April 2nd 1803 - April 2nd 1803

Bail a termages between Edwin Jervoise Francis Collas of the first party and Thomas de Gruchy of the second party records the lease of a piece of land named Les Grands Jardins for a period of 9 years for the sum of £47 6s 10d per annum

Reference: L/C/323/A5/35

Date: December 1st 1884 - December 1st 1884

Photocopies of the registration information from 1811 for the ship Rose owned by Thomas de Gruchy, Charles Le Vesconte, John Le Sueur and Elias Neel and from 1823 when Philip du Heaume and John Le Sueur are listed as owners

Reference: L/C/60/E5/10

Date: 1811 - 1823

Bail à Termage between Charles Poingdestre procureur of Philippe Carteret, Seigneur of Trinity of the first party and Charles Deslandes, Thomas de Gruchy, Francois Le Sueur son of Jean and Jean de Gruchy of the second party. Records the lease for 9 years from 1 to 2 of the Grand Parcq St Morice for the sum of 94 livres 16 sous per year.

Reference: L/C/66/B5/14

Date: December 24th 1787 - December 24th 1787

Lists of the poor to receive grain from Jean Cabot on behalf of his wife. Lists the names of those to receive the grain and the amount

Reference: L/C/66/B7/13

Date: 1779 - 1785

List of lands of the Seigneur of Trinity includes name of land, measurement, names of farmers or occupiers and price of be paid

Reference: L/C/66/B7/24

Date: September 29th 1796 - September 29th 1796

Aveu listing the land holdings and rentes to be paid by tenants on the Fief and Seigneurie de la Trinité. Tenants are Nicollas Cabot, Thomas de Gruchy, Philippe Le Gros, Jean de Gruchy and Marie Cabot his wife

Reference: L/C/66/B9/3

Date: May 15th 1700 - February 26th 1779

View from sliding plate with double image of St Saviour's Parish Church showing church tower with clock in south face. Gravestones in front of church include John Thorn, Mary Thorn, Anna H.Thorn, Charles de Gruchy, Louisa Matilda, Philippe de Gruchy, Elizabeth Binet, Edouard de Gruchy, Thomas de Gruchy, Thomas Anthoine, died 10th April 1863 aged 80 years old, and Jeanne Anthoine died 29th October 1864

Reference: SJPA/002259

Date: 1876 - 1880

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