Letter to Edward de La Taste in St Helier from Lieutenant-General Giddon requesting that he equip Serjeant Gay of the 57th Regiment

Reference: L/C/12/H3/1

Date: March 29th 1807 - March 29th 1807

List of the 1st Company St Helier Regiment under Captain Charles Chevalier and Lieutenant Edward de La Taste (Not dated)

Reference: L/C/12/H3/10

Date: 1838 - 1850

List of the Light Company under Edward de La Taste

Reference: L/C/12/H3/11

Date: January 31st 1850 - January 31st 1850

Passport issued to Edward de La Taste for travel in France

Reference: L/C/12/H3/12

Date: 1817 - 1831

Share transfer certificate of 3% annuities to William Anley, Edward de La Taste, Thomas Eugene de La Taste and Francis Godfray

Reference: L/C/12/H3/13

Date: January 29th 1847 - January 29th 1847

Bill addressed to the heirs of Edward de La Taste from John Mourant for contract with Hugh Godfray

Reference: L/C/12/H3/14

Date: 1855 - 1855

Letter to Edward de La Taste of the old Market place, St Helier from Lieutenant-General Don concerning orders for de La Taste's men to work at the new barracks at Rozel

Reference: L/C/12/H3/2

Date: May 2nd 1811 - May 2nd 1811

Appointment of Edward de La Taste as 2nd Lieutenant in the 4th St Helier Regiment

Reference: L/C/12/H3/3

Date: March 4th 1809 - March 4th 1809

Appointment of Edward de La Taste as 1st Lieutenant in the Jersey Militia

Reference: L/C/12/H3/4

Date: November 14th 1814 - November 14th 1814

Appointment of Edward de La Taste as Captain in the 4th or Town Regiment

Reference: L/C/12/H3/5

Date: February 2nd 1826 - February 2nd 1826

Appointment of Edward de La Taste as Major in the Jersey Militia

Reference: L/C/12/H3/6

Date: October 20th 1846 - October 20th 1846

Notice for the governor's office that both Edward de La Taste and Philip Godfray have been appointed Major in the Jersey Militia

Reference: L/C/12/H3/7

Date: October 24th 1846 - October 24th 1846

Appointment of Edward de La Taste as Lieutenant-Colonel in the Jersey Militia

Reference: L/C/12/H3/8

Date: May 3rd 1850 - May 3rd 1850

List of men of the light Company who attended duty during the oyster disturbance

Reference: L/C/12/H3/9

Date: April 12th 1838 - April 12th 1838

Transaction of Jane de La Taste, daughter of Edouard, 1859-1878

Reference: L/C/12/H4/1

Date: November 30th 1878 - November 30th 1878

Receipt for transfer of héritages to Jane de La Taste as heir of Edward de La Taste signed by Jean Godfray

Reference: L/C/12/H4/2

Date: September 8th 1860 - September 8th 1860

Vente de rente between James Bertram, procureur of Elise de la Taste daughter of Edouard of the first party and John Le Couteur Arthur, son of Philippe of the second party. Records the sale from 1 to 2 of 4 quartiers, 4 cabots, 1 and a quarter of a sixtonnier of wheat rente for the sum of £72, 8s, 4d. Registered: Livre 379, Folio 94.

Reference: L/C/284/A4/38

Date: June 19th 1920

Letter from Prosper de Montalember, La Ransannerie to Edouard de la Taste c/o Monsieur Symond, St Malo contains news of the birth of his son

Reference: L/C/73/A2/1

Date: October 27th 1810 - October 27th 1810

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