Letter from Phil. L Leveu, The Registrar, 20 Hill Street to the Government Secretary, W Whitaker Maitland informing him that Charles Henry Saudrais is a British subject

Reference: A/C2/42/66

Date: June 23rd 1906 - June 23rd 1906

Registration Card of Elisabeth Busson, née Bermansehlager, of 20, Hill Street, St Helier, born 03/01/1901

Reference: D/S/A/4/A1979

Date: January 9th 1941 - January 9th 1941

Blue Registration Form of Elisabeth Busson, née Bermansehlager, of 20, Hill Street, St Helier, born 03/01/1901

Reference: D/S/A/4/B1979

Date: January 9th 1941 - January 9th 1941

Will and Testament of Sydney Raoul Lempriere son of Sydney Raoul, of 20, Hill Street, St Helier. Dated 26/01/1946. [Includes one closed document]

Reference: D/Y/B1/11/17

Date: August 21st 1951 - August 21st 1951

Correspondence relating to milk control matters between the Attorney General and the Department of Agriculture, includes papers re; Miss Pallot - proprietress of Gorey Dairy, application for milk retailers licenses, complaint re. allocation of territory by Mr C G Poingdestre, Alma House, First Tower, credit of Messrs J H Williams & Co, Egypt Farm, Trinity, case of Mr H A Bisson, The Poplars, La Moie [Moye] who has been selling milk without a license, sale of icecream at the Café Mignon, Esplanade by Giuseppi Retrossi, flat at Don Street Dairy owned by the Jersey Co-operative Dairy, case of Miss M A Le Cornu, Hill Farm, Longueville and Mr A J Jeanne, accounts of the Victoria Co-operative Dairy, copy of the Guernsey Milk Order, 1940, cases against Mr J B Neilson, The Retreat, Portelet, St Brelade, Mr J E Le Bailly, Portelet Farm, St Brelade, Mr J F Luce, La Chesnaie, St Lawrence, A du Pré Denning, Auckland Bush, Portelet, Mr J Perchard, Mayfield, Trinity, Mr A G de Gruchy, Northdale, St Ouen, Mr E N Pallot, Captain Guy J Robin, Irene Le Cocq, 20 Hill Street, St Helier, C Ollivier, La Vielle Maison, Ouaisné, St Brelade, robbery of milk from the Jersey Dairies Limited and dismissal of Louis Le Dantec from the Don Street Dairy

Reference: D/Z/H5/141

Date: July 16th 1940 - July 16th 1940

West of England Insurance Company, Fire Insurance Registers, including a description of the property and its situation, the sum insured, present payments including premium and duty, and number of policy

Reference: L/A/20/A/1A

Date: January 13th 1830 - November 25th 1836

Images of Mr. Lane sitting at his desk at Pearl Assurance Company Limited, 20, Hill Street. Jersey Evening Post

Reference: L/A/75/A3/5/3048

Date: February 12th 1980 - February 12th 1980

Photographer: a photographer named Paul

JEP Photographic Job Number: 1980/3048.

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