Accounts from J W Huelin Limited to be paid by the States of Jersey

Reference: B/A/W40/8/41

Date: January 3rd 1942 - January 3rd 1942

Figures from the Channel Island's account in Granville for 19/09/1940 - 27/09/1940 indicating that a balance of RM20,087,50 is due by Guernsey to Jersey

Reference: B/A/W45/28

Date: November 17th 1941 - November 22nd 1941

Request for information about payment for the occupation, includes; Details of States of Jersey payments re. billeting Occupation account heading from the States of Guernsey with details of whom is responsible for payment

Reference: B/A/W45/29

Date: January 27th 1942 - February 3rd 1942

Transfer of foreign currency from Guernsey to Jersey to pay accounts in Granville

Reference: B/A/W45/31

Date: February 11th 1942 - February 20th 1942

Examination of two accounts giving prices for boxes and trunks from Messrs H Le Seelleur

Reference: B/A/W48/12

Date: December 14th 1940 - December 24th 1940

Accounts of Red Cross supplies given to prisoners of war

Reference: B/A/W49/2/18

Date: April 20th 1945 - April 20th 1945

Department of Labour Sick Benefit Section Report, 01/05/1941 - 31/01/1942 States of Jersey Social Assurance Report and Statement of Accounts for 1942

Reference: B/A/W54/4

Date: 1941 - 1942

Payment of coal accounts for Jersey at Granville

Reference: B/A/W72/19

Date: August 31st 1943 - September 27th 1943

Queries over the responsiblity for payment of accounts concerning work at the airport and articles supplied to the Soldatenheim

Reference: B/A/W74/17

Date: May 15th 1943 - July 8th 1943

Requests from the German Authorities for payments for Occupation costs to be made into an account at Barclay's Bank

Reference: B/A/W74/23

Date: March 10th 1944 - January 8th 1945

Accounts for the requisitioned de Gruchy's Bakery

Reference: B/A/W74/26

Date: April 8th 1945 - April 8th 1945

Billeting expenses in Alderney to be paid by the States of Jersey and the States of Guernsey. Includes: particulars of the Alderney Occupation and a maintenance account

Reference: B/A/W74/8

Date: February 26th 1942 - June 24th 1942

Bailiffs correspondence file relating to a report and accounts [folder contains multiple files catalogued individually]

Reference: B/D/A/M7(843)

Date: April 11th 2000 - April 13th 2000

Accounts of the revenues of the impôts

Reference: B/D/K/5

Date: September 1st 1880 - August 31st 1881

Expenses of King's Receiver

Reference: BL Add 25459 f197

Date: 1374 - 1376

Official correspondence with index. Subjects include: observations of the States on the Catholic petition regarding elementary education, 26 December 1900; disputed Julia Westaway will; militia accounts; cost of maintenance of arsenals; auditors' report; list of books for asylum; sale of ancien domaine of Mont Orgueil; importing animals; construction of Albert Quay; exhumations in Madagascar; removal of the garrison; tobacco and wine duties; militia rolls; fiscal laws; suitability of Queen's Assembly Rooms to store war material; annual report of Victoria Cottage Homes

Reference: C/A5/10

Date: January 4th 1904 - November 24th 1905

Official correspondence with index. Subjects covered include: the purchase of 6 Museum Street and 21 Providence Street; report of the Special Administrator; allowances for children; reports of the analyst; auditors' reports; colorado beetle and the tomato crop; marriages; purchase of land at Hamptonne with plan; report on the Jersey Electricity Company; report of the Medical Inspector; report on the mental institution; liquor; milk control; report on the militia accounts; final accounts of the Jersey Home for Girls; petitions from the Nonconformist churches, the Free Church Council and master bakers; veterinary reports and the death of the rector of St Saviour

Reference: C/A5/21

Date: January 15th 1940 - May 16th 1944

Special Committee to examine the accounts of the Treasurer of the States

Reference: C/B/D2/1

Date: January 11th 1886 - August 30th 1886

Final accounts regarding Liberation Square and funds of the Occupation and Liberation Committee prior to its winding up

Reference: C/C/L/C6/5/5

Date: September 1st 1994 - March 6th 1997

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