St Mary's Rifle Club

Reference: L/D/63/A


Reference: L/D/63/A2

Account book of the St Mary's Rifle Club

Reference: L/D/63/A2/1

Date: 1896 - 1992


Reference: L/D/63/B1

Ledger relating to the Coin Varin Saloon Rifle Club, including a brief history of the club, minutes, competition results and accounts

Reference: L/D/63/B1/1

Date: 1948 - 1959


Reference: L/D/64/C

Record of subscription payments made by members of lodge No 108, also contains year end accounts, disbursement of funds, and lists of honorary members [this volume is dual purpose and has written material in both the front and back of the volume]

Reference: L/D/64/C1/1

Date: 1888 - 1927

Annual returns

Reference: L/D/64/C2

Ancient and Accepted Rite annual return forms for Lodge No108 the De Carteret Chapter, Rose Croix, containing details of payments due and the names of new members. [Also contains loose papers relating to a change in the practice of recording returns]

Reference: L/D/64/C2/1

Date: 1960 - 1979


Reference: L/D/66/A3

Account Books

Reference: L/D/67/B2

Private Ledger - 1959-1975

Reference: L/D/67/B2/1

Date: September 30th 1959 - October 1st 1975

Cash and account Book - 1992-1997

Reference: L/D/67/B2/2

Date: January 1st 1992 - December 31st 1997

Cash and account Book - 1993-1997

Reference: L/D/67/B2/3

Date: January 1st 1993 - December 31st 1997


Reference: L/D/69/A

Cash Books

Reference: L/D/69/A1

Cash book of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, Jersey Branch, includes list of subscribers and collecting boxes

Reference: L/D/69/A1/1

Date: June 15th 1931 - June 30th 1970

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