Account of Henry Seymour Conway, Governor of Jersey with James Pipon and John Dumaresq for Jersey Revenues

Reference: L/F/102/A/18

Date: September 29th 1792 - September 28th 1793

Account of the money disbursed by Elias Pipon, Receiver General of HM revenues in Jersey by order of Sir Bevill Granville, Lieutenant Governor for repairs done at Elizabeth Castle

Reference: L/F/102/A/3

Date: July 17th 1689 - July 17th 1689

Secret Service Accounts

Reference: L/F/145

Signed affidavit from James Henry Craig, Lieutenant Governor swearing 'I have distributed the money entrusted to me for foreign secret service'. Sworn at Westminster Hall.

Reference: L/F/145/18

Date: May 17th 1803 - May 17th 1803


Reference: L/F/196/A

Volume containing a carpenter's accounts [indexed]

Reference: L/F/196/A/1

Date: 1885 - 1892


Reference: L/F/215/A

Account of Mr Malzard with Frederick Le Gresley for various carpentry items

Reference: L/F/215/A/1

Date: December 13th 1894 - December 14th 1895

List of subscribers to the works on Town Hill and account with the Constable

Reference: L/F/22/E/25

Date: 1803 - 1804

Account of payments made to men engaged on clearing the Brook etc.

Reference: L/F/22/K/3

Date: 1804 - 1804

Account of property owners payments for the paving of the street to the west of St Helier Cemetery

Reference: L/F/22/K/4

Date: 1804 - 1804

Commonplace Notebook of E Le Ruez, includes quotations, poems and accounts

Reference: L/F/225/A1/1

Date: 1867 - 1867

File from the Jersey Trading Company Limited including papers relating to income tax, rates, receipts, accounts and farmers' tickets from the Weighbridge

Reference: L/F/238/A1/1

Date: June 14th 1939 - June 6th 1945

Occupation Papers

Reference: L/F/265/A

Remittance for £5, 5d by J de L Le Montais on behalf of Harold Sidney Hepburn who was in Wurzach

Reference: L/F/265/A3/2

Date: March 24th 1943 - March 24th 1943

Letter regarding the purchase of £3% Defence Bonds

Reference: L/F/265/A3/3

Date: 1940 - 1945

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